Why More People Fly With Asiana Airlines

July 21, 2011
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Asia has seen a huge boom in both business and personal travel in recent years and Asiana Airlines is one of the top rated airlines to travel by to get there. While it began as a small South Korean airline a little over twenty years ago it has become a major force globally and is constantly winning awards for excellent customer satisfaction and service. The following are some notable facts and achievements that are making more international travelers choose Asiana Airlines.

When it was created by a group of investors in 1988, Asiana Airlines became the second South Korean airline. Originally, only flights to Busan, the second largest South Korean city after Seoul. Today, things have changed and service has been expanded to 67 cities in 20 countries throughout Asia, North America, Europe, and Oceania. The Seoul based airline has certainly grown and now boasts of an excellent reputation for efficiency and service among mid-sized International airlines. Aside from passenger Flights, Asiana Airlines operates a cargo service. This airline, which is listed on the Korean stock exchange, is doing quite well financially, especially in these difficult times for airlines, and its projected earnings for 2010 are over $700 million.

Like all airlines, Asiana Airlines has several levels of service, Travelers, Business and First class. With Asiana Airlines, Travelers class is very much like the economy class of other airlines. Additionally, travel publications reviews indicate that the food on these flights is actually quite good for airline food. Western and Asian cuisines are widely available on Asiana Airlines menus. Travelers class passengers are given comfortable seats that recline along with pots for laptops and entertainment centers. There is also a consistent level of courtesy and attentiveness on the part of the flight attendants. This serves to make the experience of flying with Asiana Airlines a much more pleasurable experience for all travelers and not just those in the more expensive classes.

Plenty of people who use Asiana Airlines are usual business travelers, which says that the business class is one of the more popular offerings. However, a lot of travelers realize that Asiana Airline’s business class is the same as or even better than the first class section on other airlines. For instance, the seats can go all the way back into a straight flat position. All seats offer privacy and aisle access. Personal video monitors, on demand movies, television shows and other ways to entertain yourself are available. All frequent travelers are aware of how wearying a long flight can become. Each detail can bring about different things.

Since many travelers on Asiana Airlines are covering long distances, these amenities in Business Class help make the trip more enjoyable.

Basically, whether it is for business or personal reasons, Asiana Airlines can you a flight to Asia that is less stressful and fun. When you fly, especially on long trips, the overall service of the airline can make a huge impact on your flight. Asiana Airlines is an award-winning airline that has found the right formula for satisfying its customers.

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