White Water Rafting Adventure in The Philippines

August 21, 2011
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water rafting in Philippines

 White Water Rafting Experience in the City of Friendship in Cagayan de Oro

 White Water Rafting  is the main adventure you should not miss in visiting Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.

There are many companies that offer this venture. There are companies that offers different courses but for you to experience the extreme adventure of water rafting take it all the way at Great White Water Tours.

White water rafting to the extreme last for 3-4 hours floating in the river for P1,200/person which included the following: round trip to transportation to and from the rafting site, rental of rafting gears, snack in between rafting adventure, full meal after the rafting adventure in the main office, use of shower room.

white water rafting in Philippines
Experience White Water Rafting in the Philippines

When arrive to Great White Water Tours‘ office first thing that will happen is a briefing on survival tips and what to expect during the rafting trip.

One thing that separate Great White Water Tours from other companies, you will NOT force to sign any agreement that states the company will not be liable if somethings happen between the tours. It is shocking to hear, right? But they have explanation about it, and that you will admire them. That they are not that being too confident but they wanted their clients to be responsible and smart. The officer who will give the briefing will tell you that 90% of your safety depends on you. They will equip survival technique that needs during the trip. Follow their tips and experience what the guides will tell the whole trip.

Maximize the rafting experience. Experience the 21 rapids, such rapids will sometimes cause you to fall out of the raft or the raft itself will flip over. Make sure to experience the flip because you will miss the whole adventure of water rafting if you will not experience the flip. Objective is experience the rapids OFF the raft. Scared? Don’t be. You will have life jackets and you will have your experience guide with you. Nothing to worry about.

white water rafting Philippines

Safety tips to remember: briefing before the rafting tour is VERY important, wear your gears properly and at all times, do not wear slippers, do NOT attempt to swim when you fall into the water, allow yourself to fall when you are out of balance, when you find yourself underneath the raft when it flips bring yourself out by pushing yourself down and pulling yourself up away from the raft, listen to your guides, do not wear any jewelries.

Water Rafting Adventure in Philippiines

There will be a guide on a separate raft who will keep your valuables. They will be in-charge on taking pictures and videos so the tour will be documented.

Snacks will be provided halfway through the trip. Then after the whole adventure surely you will feel hungry. Nothing to worry about when you arrive in the main office from whole adventure they will have a buffet of meals serve to regain your energy.

Plan your next adventure now to white water rafting adventure in the Philippines!

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