Why Visiting London is a Must This Summer

Jonah Andersson June 2, 2013
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Why Visiting London is a Must This Summer

If you have not been to London, you must visit the populous city this summer. It is well known for its rich culture ranging from art and history to monuments. It is no wonder that tourists flock London each year in hope of experiencing the fun offered by the city’s assortment of fun. While most of the activities are dedicated to adults only, there is no shortage of activities for the youngsters to participate in. Family friendly attractions are increasing by the day making London the ideal family vacation destination.

Credit: GettyImages.com
Credit: GettyImages.com

If you love shopping, the hip shops in London are the best option. Here you will find some of the trendiest fashion items available across Europe.

The beginning of summer in June comes with a lot of activities such as a boat race on the 1st of the month. At this event, fifteen boats get to compete in a two thousand mile race. The ultimate reward after winning the race is 100,000 Euros. One crew can have between 2 and 8 people on the boat who are expected to withstand the treacherous tides. On the same day, rock band Green Day is expected to perform to a huge crowd at the Emirates Stadium in London. Attendees will be treated to an array of songs from years past and recent times.

Imirates Stadium London
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The month of July is rife with activity ranging from the Wimbledon tennis championships to Hyde Park summer concerts. This year the Henley Regatta which is a historic occasion makes a comeback. Set to take place in the riverside village of Oxfordshire, this sporting event has been taking place since 1839. It started out small but has since developed into a major tourist attraction with several challenge trophies being offered as prizes. This event is scheduled to start on the third of July and to continue until the 7th. The street food festival is scheduled to make a comeback this year in its 4th installment. It will be taking place in Brick Lane Yard from the 4th through to the 7th of July.

Credit: GettyImages.com
Credit: GettyImages.com

The busiest summer month is August because of the Notting Hill Carnival which attracts hordes of visitors. It is the biggest festival of its sort in all of Europe. This festival always breathes life into the West London streets. The festival begins on the 25th of August which is a Sunday at 9am and continues until Monday 7pm. You will get to witness the carnival procession which is a beautiful scene. Children’s day is on Sunday while the adults can have their share of fun on Monday.

Other children’s events include the Lollipop festival which is scheduled to begin on the 16th of August for two days until the 18th. This event is suited for kids below the age of 10 and has scores of fun things such as live music and circus entertainment. There will be appearances from children’s favourite performers who are bound to keep them entertained. You can also take your child for hula hooping and workshop activities.

Lollipop Festival London

You must visit London this summer if you want to experience unforgettable fun. Plan your visit as early as possible because the summer is here once again.





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