Visit Prague a Beautiful Lively Capital of New Europe

Jonah Andersson October 30, 2011
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Visiting Prague


“Mother of Cities“, “Hunder-Towered city“ or “The Heart of Europe“ – all of this is Prague – the capital of the Czech Republic.

Prague offers thousand places where to go, what to visit and what to do. It´s the most cosmopolitan city and center of the Czech Republic and that´s why it´s one of the most beautiful cities there too. Let’s look at some places, which you must see!

Charles University is the most famous Czech university. It was founded in 1348 by Charles IV. Currently, it´s known as “high quality and precious university in the Czech republic”.

There are many motels, hotels in Prague where you can spend your time but in the center of the city you must count with high price – Prague is one of the most expensive cities in the Czech republic. However, it´s still cheaper than Paris or London.

Prague has a lot of historical parts, monuments and places of interest. There is a statue of St. Wenceslav on Wenceslav´s Square, Charles´s Bridge – a historical bridge, which was built by King Charles IV – there are many street artists, musicians and souvenir shops of Prague. In Old town Square, there is an astronomy clock, old, unique and romantic monument, main attraction for all tourists, which performs bell-ringing and a small puppet show every hour. If you are interested in culture, you can visit National Theater right next to the river and enjoy the sound of some of the most beautiful Czech opera´s.

If you would like to know night life in Prague, you won´t be disappoint. Drinking alcohol is accepted from the age of 18, so night streets are full of young people, who are enjoying their life. There are so many pubs, clubs and parties, that you won´t know where to go first. One of the most popular luxury clubs is Roxy – you may meet some famous star there.

Prague is a city, which you must see and try on your own. It´s said that Prague is The City – I have to agree. City of dreams – Prague.


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