5 Unusual Places to Visit in Turkey

Jonah Andersson December 10, 2011
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Unusual Places to Visit in Turkey

5 Unusual Places to Visit in Turkey

If you are planning on exploring Turkey and finding some of its hidden charms, there are a few unusual places to visit in Turkey that would be right up your street.

From visiting the land of Fairy Chimneys to the longest and deepest Gorge in Turkey, it’s all there for you to discover.

Here are the top 5 unusual places to visit in Turkey.

1) Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a true wonder to go and visit and I would say is certainly is one of the best places to visit in Turkey.  It is located in Central Anatolia and has stunning scenery comprising of moon-like landscapes and fairy chimneys, which were formed millions of years ago by volcanoes that had erupted and somehow formed into these unusual chimney shapes, it really is a spectacular sight to see.

Unusual Places to Visit in Turkey

There are also hundreds of underground cities which are thought to have been used in the Byzantine period as well as the popular rock churches and monasteries. The land in the area is extremely fertile, and this is why the area is renowned for its great fruit and vegetables, as well as for its wine. Hot air balloon trips over Cappadocia are recommended as they are a great way of viewing the stunning scenery from above and seeing the vast area covered with these formations. If you are staying the night in Cappadocia the cave hotels make for an unusual and memorable dwelling.

2) Saklikent Gorge

Saklikent Gorge is the longest and deepest gorge in Turkey, which is located in the Muğla province. Due to the depth of the gorge the sun does not even saturate the water, which is why the water has an icy feel all year round.

The name Saklikent actually translates to ‘Hidden City’ in Turkish. You can take a walk into the gorge along the bridge walk way that follows the canyon round. When the bridge draws to an end you can choose to wade through the next section of water and start the journey deeper into the canyon.

The restaurants and cafes nearby make for a wonderful break as some have seating on wooden platforms that are raised above the charging water below, which is a great setting. Also the restaurants and cafes nearby are naturally cool spots due to them being shaded by many trees.

If you fancy staying the night the Saklikent tree houses make for a real adventure especially if you like unusual places to stay.

3) Pammukale

Pammukale is also known as ‘Cotton Castle’. It is a world heritage site that is located in the Denizli province in Turkey. Seeing Pammukale is a breathtaking sight, in which nature has truly worked its magic in creating the natural pools and shelves. It was formed by hot water flowing which contained calcium bicarbonate, once the water cooled it created calcium deposits, which in turn changed the area to white in color and created the ridges and steps.

As well as sitting in the hot spring waters, the water can be used for drinking. This water is known to be special healing water, which can be used to help the treatment of dermatological, gynecological, neurological, rheumatic diseases also digestive and nutrition disorders as well as helping general physical exhaustion.

Hot mineral water spas can also be found in the nearby hotels, which make for a relaxing experience if you are going to stay the night and can be the best hotels in Turkey.

4) Troy

Troy is a city that is over 4000 years old and is rich in history. If you decide to visit Troy in the Canakkale province to see the ruins, you will see the famous replica of the large Trojan horse standing in its place. It is the area in which the famous Trojan War is thought to have taken place.

Unusual places in Turkey

Troy is a city, that for centuries people did not believe actually existed, until it was unearthed in 1873, it was previously thought to be just a city in the stories. It is a world heritage site due to it being such an important archaeological site with so much history. Troy was built many times due to it being destroyed and even now there are sure to be many more unearthed excavations. Having your photo taken next to the Trojan horse is a must.


5) Ephesus

Ephesus in Izmir was the home to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world ‘The Temple of Artemis’ until it was destroyed in 401CE. In tradition the Virgin Mary is believed to have lived here with St John after the death of Jesus Christ, therefore a church stands in the countryside which is known to be the last house of the Virgin Mary. It is unsure as to whether she is actually buried there or in Jerusalem as some others believe. Ephesus is one of the popular ancient sites which include ruins from a theatre, baths and a gym plus many more excavations. Allow enough time to take in all the sights.


Unusual Places in Turkey

So there is no time like the present to start planning your trip and  if you love finding the more unusual places to visit in Turkey these should keep you satisfied for……….let’s say a while.


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