Top 5 Countries to Be Relocated To

Jonah Andersson September 27, 2012
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relocate in Australia

Top 5 Countries to Be Relocated To

The thought of being relocated by their company to foreign shores might represent a dream to some and a nightmare to others. Obviously for people who are married and even more so with children, being relocated is a much more considerable upheaval, and can take a large part of any short-term contract before the family relocated find their feet. For the footloose and fancy free being asked to relocate to a new country can be a tremendous adventure. It goes without saying that in both cases the size and nature of the country that any company employee is related to will make a tremendous difference.

Here are a list of the top five countries that person could ask to be relocated to, if they had a choice.

relocate in AustraliaAustralia

For a number of years now Australia has been top of the list of countries to be relocated to, and it’s easy to understand why. A huge continent with a very even climate, Australia’s economy has enjoyed a considerable boom in the last ten years or so, largely driven by the tremendous export market that the country has built with Asia, and China in particular Another strong reason why “Aussieland “would be a an excellent place to spend a service contract of two or three years, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, where crime rates are low and the quality of life is high. Blessed with tremendous natural resources, there is plenty to seem eat and do in Australia in its major cities of Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra. English speakers will have no worries when it comes to learning languages, but because Australia boasts such a cosmopolitan population, it is possible to get by with any language.

relocate SingaporeSingapore

Although the chances of being relocated to the state of Singapore are relatively low, it would certainly be a tremendous opportunity for anyone who is given the chance to live there. To begin with, Singapore is a small country, with a population of just short of five million, although living in a bit of an island bubble off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, separated from Malaysia by the Straits of Johor to its north. Famed for its cleanliness, and for how well it is run, Singapore is a centre for banking and commerce for South East Asia. For the young and single living in Singapore would have to be a great experience, with a very lively night life and tremendous cuisine. Renting property in Singapore can be expensive, but more than offset by the tremendous cosmopolitan life style to be enjoyed there. For families there is little to equal Singapore’s culture, history paralleled by the states mammoth growth economically in recent years.

relocate CanadaCanada

Canada is another country that could be a pleasant place to spend a few years or a lifetime in. The width and almost the same depth as the United States, but with a population of just over thirty million, there is a lot to see and do in this beautiful country. The French enclave of Quebec and the city of Montreal are beautifully l Cosmopolitan, although the weather in the winter can be really brutal. Ottawa has a lot of history, while Toronto is a large sprawling metropolis with a real American feel to it. The city of Vancouver on the west coast is rated to be one of the most beautiful in the World. With something for everybody, people who have the chance of relocation to Canada should grab it with both hands.

moving to DubaiDubai

While many people would not be enthralled at the prospect of being relocated to the often volatile region of the Middle East, nobody should think twice if giving the chance to be relocated to Dubai
Dubai is an emirate or state within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the Gulf region which has been a sea of calm for many years. Rich in oil, Dubai lies on the coast of the Persian Gulf and has the largest population in all of the UAE. Technologically advanced, Dubai has a large ex-patriate community from every corner of the World, some of whom came on a short term contract and put down very long and deep roots in the country, The cost of living is very low in Dubai while the standard of living very high thanks to very low taxation levels and almost nonexistent utility bills. Property prices have crept up a little over the last few years however despite a tremendous building boom.




moving to EuropeEurope

At one time being relocated to anywhere in Europe carried a lot of prestige. However in the last few years, Europe’s reputation has become a little tarnished, largely due to the economic downturn. However there may be a number of places that would be pleasant to spend a few years. The UK is always attractive especially London while Paris has a lot of charm. Going from the sublime to the ridiculous may be the thought of being relocated to either Portugal or Poland. Portugal, because it is a pleasant Mediterranean country, with a lot of history and culture, a laid back population and a stable economy, at least in relation to most of the south of Europe. Poland, in the east, on the other hand might be an interesting place to live in, simply because its economy is the most buoyant per capita in all of Europe.


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