Szczecin Car Rental: Different Things to See by Hiring Car

Jonah Andersson July 7, 2012
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Szczecin is a very popular part of Poland; people visit this place for having a good time during vacations. There are many tourist attractions in this place, people enjoy a good quality time by coming to Szczecin for tour purposes. Good Szczecin car rental services are offered to the people so that they can enjoy the travelling in a comfortable way. These services are found all over the place and can also be hired from airport itself. Here are few places which can be enjoyed by hiring Szczecin car rental services:

The Post Office: It is a Neo Renaissance building with a glass rooftop; it is visited for its historical values. This post office was built somewhere during 1872-74.

Szczecin Post Office

The Barracks: It is building from the time period of 1818; it is liked for its classical style.

Medieval city walls: Liked by people who are historical lovers, only few remaining are available in this wall.

The Long Bridge: It is the first bridge of Szczecin and is a must to visit.

The church of John the Evangelist: A very beautiful church popular both for its religious reasons and the architectural beauty. One should come to this place by hiring a car.

The church of John the Evangelist

The City Hall: It was the first wooden house in Poland which was later reconstructed with brick. It is used as a museum today and is a place good for seeing the historical elements.

The Loitz Family House: It is a very popular house which was built by wealthy merchant but now is used as School of Arts, for art lovers this is a place to visit.

The Voivods Offices: It was built in 1906- 1911, the building is very amazing with five wing extensions, marble staircase and two courtyards. It is visited by many people for spending a good time with family and friends.

The Pomerania Dukes Castle: This castle is now used as a cultural institution where different opera functions are being organized; earlier it was the house of the Gryfit’s dynasty who was a ruler in Poland for many years.

The Maidens’ Gate: Earlier it was a prison but now it is a tourist spot. It is a part of the medieval walls.

The Royal Gate: The entrance of this gate is much known for its crest which has Prussian Eagle encircled by the chains of the Black Eagle and royal crown.

The Royal Gate

The fountain:  It is a very good boat shaped fountain situated between the city hall and the post office.

Thus, these are the few places out of the many different tourist spots in Szczecin; people can also explore the various countryside locations by hiring   wypożyczalnia samochodów szczecin ( Szczecin car rentalservices, these services are available at very reasonable rates and can be afforded by everyone.


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