Want to Save Money When Traveling?

Jonah Andersson September 22, 2012
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Want to Save Money When Traveling?

If you plan to travel, you might know from past expenses that traveling expenses can quickly go overboard if you are not careful. Even carefully budgeted and planned vacations can quickly go down in a whirl of unplanned expenses. But luckily, with a little discipline and by employing a number of steps you can make your vacation worth every penny you spend.


A stopover can be a good thing

Travel agents and frequent fliers have known it for ages. Flights that stop over before before they proceed to a destination are much cheaper than flights that travel non-stop. Stopovers are usually seen as a waste of time and an inconvenience. Regular travelers usually try to avoid them. But they offer great money deals for budget travelers who don’t mind spending a little extra time on the ground.

Start with the net

You can find the cheapest flights on the internet. There are several websites that will compare prices offered by various airlines and you can have your pick of them depending on your budget and the timing. You will often get further discounts offered by the website and other attached deals for hotels and restaurants that you could also consider. The best part is you can do all this without leaving the comfort of your chair.

Stay cheap

Like you did with the airline, you can find hotels that will let you stay for cheap. Travel websites also offer a great selection of hotels for all kinds of travelers from high end travelers who like luxury to the backpackers who are looking for a budget stay. You can also browse country websites like lonelyplanet.com for reviews on hotels and the best deals.


Meal and Promotions

Sometimes meals are included in the hotel charges this is good things as well as bad. Good because if you a regular traveler and you like to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner on time, then this is the best deal you can get. Hotels will sometimes subsidize meals for their in house guests. If you are party animal, you would probably want to miss the dinner of the breakfast. Paying for a facility you are not going to use doesn’t make any sense.

Ask the hotel if there are any promotional deals available. You might even get a room upgrade or some discount.

Stay in a hostel

One of the most economical ways to stay is to stay in a hostel. Hostels don’t come with any frills but they come cheap and you can use the money you save this way on other attractions. You can ask your friends or better still search the internet for hostels. But a word of caution, you may have to book boarding in advance since many hostels are packed to full capacity in the tourist season. There are many hostels across the world such as the ones run by the Young Men’s Christian Association.

Take local means of transport

Taxis  and other private transport are expensive in many parts of the world. Taking public means of transport such as trains and buses can be very convenient and economical. One more aspect is that many people travel by these modes of transport and so you will be safe.

The only problem is their frequency may be unreliable. But this can be easily remedied by buying bus/train schedules.


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