Reasons to Visit Tahiti

Jonah Andersson January 26, 2015
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Tahiti Beach

Reasons to Visit Tahiti

Tahiti  Beach
Tahiti Beach

There are two most common approaches to holiday organization: the first minute one, for people who know when it is that time of the year to start planning holiday if you want to look into every detail before starting your trip; and, the second one, the last minute one, for people who just pack the basic necessities and board the ride. Which ever category you belong to, if you feel that you need something different and exciting at the same time, you came to the right place. A detailed presentation of the numerous reasons to visit Tahiti and have some of the best moments in your life lay in the lines ahead of you, enjoy time spent and hopefully experience them in person.


Tahiti is a part of Society Islands in French Polynesia, located in the Pacific Ocean and is the best known of 118 islands divided into five major groups. This geographical density is unrivaled anywhere else in the world and you have the opportunity to make your trip even more excited by exploring other islands while being based in Tahiti and not spend too much time traveling locally. On top of that, Tahiti is not overcrowded neither by domestic population or the tourists, you will have an opportunity to have a private corner wherever you go, and, believe us, you will appreciate it


Tahiti  Location Map
Tahiti Location Map


Paradise on Earth just about sums it. Turquoise water color, beautiful wooden bungalows, secluded romantic lagoons, dreamlike sunsets, all surrounded by mountain tops, practically everything that makes those unreal photos you saw online or in the movies, only without effects or Photoshop corrections and live in front of you. With one specialty, black sand beaches, a true rarity on Earth, but fairly common on Tahiti. If you are looking for peace and quiet, complete relaxation and rest, again, this is one of those places where you will easily find them.

Tahiti Accomodation


Tahiti is not a tourist complex, there are no large hotels that can accommodate thousand of visitors, offering them anything that can even remotely be related to summer holiday. The emphasis is on the bungalows and housing that naturally fits the beautiful surrounding. You will blend with the nature, especially if you pick the above water bungalows, a characteristic of Tahiti. Furthermore, the choice of food is excellent and covers the cuisine of the entire world. However, by all means try the local fresh fish specialties,Poisson cru and coconut bread.



If you prefer to add some activity to your general rest, you will by no means be disappointed that you decided to spend your holidays in Tahiti. Surfing, sailing, mountain climbing, golf, tennis, you name it, plus wonderful wildlife tours of whale and dolphin sightings, snorkeling, diving above coral reefs and even shark feeding. Of course, cruises to the surrounding 180 islands are organized daily and this is something you should definitely too, if nothing else is your cup of tea.

Tahiti is a holiday you will surely remember and a place you will return from filled with positive energy and lasting memories. We are willing to bet that it will not be your only visit, too.


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