Interesting Facts on Surfing (Infographic)

Jonah Andersson December 14, 2013
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Interesting Facts on Surfing (Infographic)

Surfing has been around for a long time – since about 1767 to be exact. It’s a sport that relies not only on one’s physical capabilities but also, heavily on nature and the power of the ocean.

Many people not familiar with the sport tend to associate it with the idea of the “typical surfer dude” aka beach bum, who has no job and spends his/her whole day catching the waves. Of course, what many people don’t realise is the sheer level of skill, confidence and determination that is required of surfers. Not only that, but it’s a sport that involves a great deal of risk too. Every day a surfer goes into the water they are putting their lives at risk, even more so in countries like Australia, where surfers can be in danger of coming into contact with a shark in the water.

Surfing is a challenging sport and it’s no surprize then to see that it has been featured heavily in the Guinness Book of World Records. There is endless world records to be made or beaten; the highest wave to be surfed, the longest time spent surfing a wave, the most people to surf on one board, the list goes on.

To get more of an idea about some of these very impressive surfing world records as well as find out more about this intriguing sport, check out our infographic below. It includes some interesting snippets of information on surfing that you may not have come across before. Enjoy!

Facts about Surfing

Infographic Image Courtesy: The Ocean Sands Hotel (

The numerous surfing competitions that are held across the world on a frequent basis exemplifies the popularity of the sport.

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