Holiday Deals For Children In Fuerteventura

December 15, 2011
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As it was the last day at school before we broke up for the summer holidays, our teacher told us that we had to keep a diary of what we did for a whole week in the summer holidays. When I told my mum, she said she’d just got one of the best holiday deals ever to an island called Fuerteventura in somewhere called the Canary Islands, which I thought was a funny name and it made me laugh, so I decided to keep my diary of our holiday there.

Day 1.

Mum woke me and my sister really early so we could catch the plane to fly to Fuerteventura in those funny old Canary Islands. We were all sweating with the heat when we got here, so mum and dad took us straight down the beach after we’d booked in at our hotel.

Day 2.

I loved the beaches because they went on for miles and were really clean!Dad and I went swimming and he said that I’m really good at swimming now. We even got a snorkel thing and saw some fishes in the sea.

3rd day of our holidays.


We caught a boat to an island called Lobos which mum had read about in a guidebook, but I still haven’t seen any canaries. We walked through this nature reserve where there were loads of wild animals and things but dad told me off for not keeping to the path. I didn’t like the lizards and geckos which kept running across the path but I did see loads of birds there and I think I saw a canary but I’m not too sure. It was quite hot there and there wasn’t anywhere to escape from the sun so I had to keep putting suntan lotion on and keep my hat on all day.


There wasn’t time to write my diary yesterday as we did so much that I even fell asleep during dinner. We spent the whole day at Baku Waterpark which has to be the best place in these Canary islands. Mum and dad were so pleased that they’d found something like that on cheap holidays. There were some really cool water slides but I wasn’t tall enough to go on them which was a big swiz. Mum and my sister went and had a go in a Jacuzzi which is like a big bath with bubbles.


I was really sad today and my sister was crying as this is the last day of our holidays and I want to come back again someday. We spent the last day of our Fuerteventura holidays playing on the beach and swimming in the sea.

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