Four Great Countries for Hiring a Car

Jonah Andersson February 9, 2013
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Four Great Countries for Hiring a Car

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There are times when all of us want to go on holiday and do nothing more strenuous than find a sun-longer, order a cold drink and open a good book. The opportunity to truly relax on vacation, especially if work and home commitments have made life extremely hectic in recent times, cannot be underestimated, so when the chance comes along for a week on a sandy beach, we often grab it with both hands.

This isn’t always, the case, however, and for many people an overseas excursion represents an opening to a whole new world of exploration. Many destinations are simply crying out to be discovered, and the best way to do that is to hire a car for a few days. Whether you plan to check out the scenery or perhaps to find out more about the local heritage, a vehicle is a must. Here are four countries in which you should rent an automobile and hit the open road.


There are several extremely popular holiday resorts in Turkey which attract thousands of visitors every month, many of whom fail to realise they are staying in one of the most heritage-rich countries on the planet. The plethora of historic landmarks, mosques, castles and monuments ensures there will always be something worth visiting, so be sure to include a little car-based exploration on your itinerary.

United States of America

In many ways, the growth of 20th century America went hand in hand with that of the automobile, and for visitors to the country there’s something almost spiritual about driving along the highways and byways of this great nation. From the coastline of California to the timeless villages of New England, you will always find something worth looking at in the USA, and if you can have the roof down and the radio on so much the better.

United Kingdom

The UK is a delightful combination of old and new, and because it’s a relatively small nation it’s not difficult to get from one region to another. Ancient monuments such as Stonehenge in Wiltshire and contemporary landmarks such as the Humber Suspension Bridge are well worth a visit, and if you happen to be close to the coastline try to visit one of the many traditional British seaside resorts that are located in all corners of the country.


It seems something of a shame that so many people who visit Australia remain in Sydney and refuse to travel anywhere else. This enormous nation is a wonder to behold, and some of the best vacations ever have involved road trips to other villages, towns and cities. A comfortable rented car, a warm sun, clear blue skies and the open road – who could possibly want more from their travels?


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