Getting To Everglades National Park From Orlando

December 12, 2011
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Everglades National Park
Everglades National Park
Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park

Orlando excursions frequently suggest that you’ll be spending a substantial amount of your time at amusement parks and also water parks, more so if you’re going on a holiday with your family. As you enjoy all that Disney offers, make a little time to get a wildlife experience at Everglades National Park. As outlined by ABC Local report, a trip to this popular national park is highly encouraged, especially if you are a wildlife supporter.

The Park Offers Many Tours

From motorboats that seat six to much larger pontoon boats, you’re able to take your pick of water travel for your tour. One of the excursions will take you to a mangrove swamp, where you can actually have a close-range view of land animals, marine life in addition to bird life. There are well over three hundred and fifty bird varieties populating the park – you can easily discover egrets and herons along with a lot of other species that your guide will point out to you.

Everglades National ParkAdditionally you can come across dolphins as you traverse the waters, see red raccoons on land and if you’re fortunate, get a glimpse of manatees also. On a good day, it’s also possible to have the opportunity to discover alligators in the wild. Besides observing the wildlife, you can enjoy the boat rides through the twisting water channels, and also learn about the history of this place, its natives and just how fragile the ecosystem is.

Big Cypress National Reserve

Bordering the Everglades National Park is the Big Cypress National Reserve, which has been a home to Native American tribes, early settlers, and poachers. Based within the reserve is the H.P. Williams Roadside Park where you can spot big turtles along with other reptile life.

The visitor center at the reserve will provide you with an insight into the human and natural history of the Everglades. Boardwalk trails, egret and alligator sightings, and tram tours of the marsh are a few of the other pursuits you’re able to participate in at this reserve. Also, there are tours} to take you to the Everglades areas where movies and tv shows have been shot; however, you must reserve the fan boats beforehand.

Accommodation Options

You are able to schedule a day trip to the Everglades National Park from Orlando. If you plan to stop for the night, there are a few accommodation alternatives to select from. However check to see if you need to make bookings before hand, since the hotels and resorts have a tendency to fill up quickly, particularly during high seasons. It could be a good idea to get started early on for Everglades and go back to Orlando, where you will have far more flexibility in choosing the hotel or resort of your choice (unless you already have booked into one). One of the choices you can think about is The Fountains, run by the bluegreen corporation.

Getting to Everglades National Park from Orlando

Everglades is a beautiful 5 hour drive south of Orlando. Arranging your visit is easy with the Park Service that has all the info pertaining to activities and organized excursions. You too can check out the programs at the visitor center and select the type of organized tour you desire to go for- boardwalk, tram or boat.

Read up about the Everglades when you approach your Orlando family vacations and arrange a visit to this lovely park to take back some outstanding memories.

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