Don’t Forget These Essential Items While Traveling

Jonah Andersson August 1, 2015
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Essential things while travelling

Don’t Forget These Essential Items While Traveling

Essential things while travelling
Essential things while traveling

Traveling brings with it great experience as it enables visiting new places, meeting new people and creating memories that last for a lifetime. Before traveling, there are many things that need serious consideration and one of them is none other than packing essentials. While some people prefer traveling light carrying only the bare essentials, some people like to pack almost everything that have at home! (They think they would need all the things while traveling!) Also the idea of “essential items”varies from one person to another. For some people varieties of skin lotions feature among the essential items! Jokes apart, here are some truly ‘essential items’ that you must carry while undertaking a trip – within the country or internationally:

Essential travel documents and their copies

You can afford forgetting packing your undergarments, but never ever forget carrying your travel documents including your passport, travel license and driving license. Having few copies of passport photos is also a great idea. Keep copies of these documents at home and carry some with you. Make sure that you keep the originals and document copies in separate places.

Mini medical kit

Having a medical kit close at hand proves to be really useful at times. Keep a small antiseptic lotion and cream, some allergy drugs, medicines for controlling fever or stomach upsets few band-aids, painkillers etc. In case you fail to find a doctor immediately, you will have the situation under control for some time.

Books, magazines or a music source

These are very useful if you are undertaking a long journey. Read through your favorite books and magazines or listen to your favorite music while you are traveling to your destination.

Universal adapter

The socket styles vary from one country to another. This is the reason it is recommended to carry a universal adapter so that there is no need to purchase separate adapters for different places. With the universal adapter you can charge your laptop or other digital devices in any place without any problems.


Well, what would you do without money on a trip? So, before packing anything else make sure that you keep cash and cards handy. While some people prefer carrying only credit cards, it is good to keep some cash handy as well, particularly if you are traveling abroad. Since you are carrying your card, make sure that you manage your money wisely.

A notebook with important information including telephone numbers

Making notes for traveling is a great idea as it helps in keeping things organized. Carry the notebook and also ensure that you have all important phone numbers in it. Jot the hotel information, travel itinerary and other important things in the notebook for quick reference. This proves to be very useful for all kinds of travel plans.


It is better to be safe in unknown places and therefore carrying a padlock is mandatory. When you are going out of your hotel room, lock your luggage well so that no one has the chance of rummaging through your bags or backpack. Prevent straying hands on your luggage with a personal lock system.

Storage device in the form of USB drives or external hard drives

How would you feel if the memory card of your camera or phone gets filled up with the images or video recordings of your trip half the way? Would you not take pictures of the rest of your trip? Why not? Carry a compact storage device and transfer your images and videos to make space for new images and videos on your camera or phone.

Comfortable shoes

It is quite obvious that traveling will include lots of walking for you. So it is important that you have comfortable pair of shoes. If there is space constraint in your bag, reduce numbers of clothes in it, but definitely carry the shoes that you are most comfortable in.

Maps and guides

I always do my homework before visiting a new place. This helps me prepare for the place in the best manner. If you do not get ample time for the homework, make sure that you carry maps and guides to the place so that you have some kind of reference at hand.

Before packing anything else, pack these things and see how relaxed and comfortable your trip turns out to be.


Author’s Bio: Alex Brain is a renowned travel blogger. He prefers sharing his travel experiences with people and also guides them in making successful travel plans. He prefers traveling on discounted business class flights and chooses for availing the amazingly cheap business class flights.

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