Craft Beer Pubs of London (Infographic)

Jonah Andersson January 29, 2015
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craft beer london

Craft Beer Pubs of London (Infographic)

craft beer london

Interest in the area of craft beer has shown huge growth in recent years and it continues to gain momentum. The beer industry in the UK is now awash with new (and established) craft beer offerings which can only be a good development for the discerning beer drinker.

The wine industry in the UK has well established itself in the UK and that market has continued to grow and sustain itself by offering the customer a huge variety of product to choose from both in retail and with the emergence of wine bars and pubs who offer specific wine selections. Now beer is beginning to get the same attention. Craft beer houses are opening up throughout the UK and the beer drinker can enjoy a wide taste selection.

Craft beer is defined as beer brewed by a small, independent and traditional brewer. It will develop less than 6 million barrels a year; it is independent as in it is owned less than 25% by an alcoholic beverage.

This infographic takes an overview of the area of craft beers in the UK and specifically highlights craft beer pubs in London where an enjoyable time can be spent tasting the relevant beers on offer. It also covers some of the ‘lingo’ or terminology used in the sector so that you are then comfortable in choosing your order. The info-graphic also highlights some insight from industry insiders.


Craft Beer in London
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