7 Business Travel Hacks Every Business Traveler Should Know

Jonah Andersson March 15, 2015
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travelhacks for business travelers

7 Business Travel Hacks Every Business Traveler Should Know

travelhacks for business travelers

Living your life up in the air can present some real difficulties when it comes to getting the most out of every dollar. The common strategies used to make your money travel further and get the most out of the resources at your disposal simply do not apply. However, there are some proven travel hacks that every business traveler can employ in order to make the most out of every situation. With these seven solutions for smooth and inexpensive sailing, you can make every leg of every trip count for more.

Carry Cards That Matter

While credit cards can potentially be a liability when you are using the wrong service and paying exorbitant interest rates, people who travel for work can turn credit cards into an asset. Ensure you are working with cards that provide benefits apply to you personally. Rather than allowing the points that you earn traveling to be fed into a corporate account, use a credit card that allows you to maintain control of the frequent flying miles that you obtain. It is not unusual for companies to make allowances that let representatives accumulate points using their own corporate credit cards without actually spending personal money. Still, many people are spending their own money on traveling, recouping their expenses from the corporation at a later date. In these cases, it is wise to use a strict, business credit card that offers additional, personal benefits.

Lower Ticket Prices

Airline miles should be consistently used rather than hoarded. When traveling last minute as business often demands, reduce the expense of your trip by letting your credit card do the work for you. When using the right carrier, these kinds of awarded tickets do not require additional miles for purchase. In most cases, this strategy works best when booking flights five to seven days before your scheduled departure. Look into this aspect of your travel rewards system before settling on any plan related to frequent flying miles or credit-based reward cards.

Stay Smarter

It is not unusual for the majority of hotel and accommodation upgrades to go to elite members and regular visitors. However, these kinds of perks are generally awarded early in the day through the late afternoon to arriving business persons. If you do not fall into the elite membership category, then you can still gain some of these perks by checking in later in the day or evening. These perks are almost always available to guests if they register at the right time and approach the subject using subtly. Upgrades are rarely given directly. However, they are regularly given out to courteous guests who make it known that additional accommodations are personally beneficial to their unique situation and impact the potential business that they will bring to the hotel in the future.

A Group Effort

While many business persons travel the country alone in order to advance company earnings, colleagues often make the journey as well when big meetings and business deals are on the line. Do not let their presence and the work that you put into planning and accommodating their assistance go unrewarded. When booking travel accommodations for multiple parties, it is a common practice to put their stay on your points account. Should you not be the one doing the booking, it is wise to develop a relationship with the individual in charge of these affairs in order to have more sway when it comes to flying particular airlines and staying in certain hotel chains.

Sustenance Requires More Than Snacking

Make the idea of good meals a part of your approach to business travel by looking into the possibilities for dining-rewards programs. Many of these programs work in conjunction with reward-based credit cards. Additionally, restaurants offer benefits in the form of group booking or individual reservations made through dedicated, online systems. One such system includes Open Table Dining Rewards Points. This reward program allows you to double the points that you would normally earn while eating using your credit card. They also allow diners to earn points and credit towards free meals that can be used while not on the job. This system is beneficial to restaurants in that it allows them to accurately predict business in the future and count on repeat business from diners who are in the area regularly. Registration is easy using most programs while a huge number of restaurants offering a wealth of cuisines and price points are on the docket.

Explore Individual Airlines

While the card that you use is extremely important when it comes to travel, the individual airline offerings can be just as crucial when it comes to attaining an elite status in their eyes. For example, American Airlines offers mid-tier Platinum accommodations to travelers who earn 10,000 miles within a period of three months. These non-discounted fares equal better accommodations and savings at a later point in time. Many airlines also maintain a policy that allows them to match the travel status that you have with other airlines.

Save on the Ground

Booking rental cars once you have landed can end up dramatically expanding your potential expenses. Cut travel costs by taking a rental car out of the equation using peer-to-peer car rental services. These organizations offer better, upfront deals on vehicles. Although, the selection can be more limited. Flightcar is one example of such a service that is changing the way people think about business expenses on the ground.

With these hacks aiding you on your journey, you can cut the costs of making business work from one end of the country to another. Get more out of every mile by continuing to explore the resources designed to retain business travelers while also offering them rewards over time.

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