Bradman Museum: Visit Don Bradman Country

January 7, 2012
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Don Bradman Country

No trip to the Southern Highlands is totally complete without a trip to Bowral. Besides having an interesting history in itself, Bowral gave a home to the iconic Australian cricketer, Sir Donald Bradman. Before leaving the Highlands, make certain to exploit your Campervan Hire Australia car and pay a trip to Bowral and the Bradman Museum.

Now, English visitors will know likely enough about cricket and Sir Donald Bradman, as well as the history and legends surrounding the game of cricket. Nonetheless other nationalities may not. So suffice to say, cricket is played with a bat and a ball and is is now played in numerous areas of the planet, which were originally colonized by the Brit.

Australia’s cricketing hero, prior to commercialisation of the game, was Don Bradman, AKA ‘The Don ‘ and now Sir Donald Bradman. He grew up in the city of Bowral and has pretty much single handedly, put Bowral firmly on the holiday maker map. Bowral‘s sport’s oval has been named the Don Bradman Oval and a Cricketing Hall-Of-Fame has also been developed in his honour.

‘The Don ‘ was a batsman of legendary proportion and perfected his talents with a cricket bat and ball on the water tank at the rear of his house in Bowral. From such humble beginnings, Don Bradman cricketing memorabilia is now much requested and the Bradman Museum at Bowral is the ‘must go ‘ place to visit. It has cricket mementos and lots of rare film photos of ‘The boy From Bowral

Bradman Museum

The Bradman Museum has approximately five exhibition studios and a 100 seat theatre, as well as the regular keepsakes and present shop. It also has the Stumps Tea Room where you can enjoy some light refreshments after visiting the studios. Bowral has lot of historical things to have a look at, but the cricketing legend is unique Australiana with meaning.

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