5 Ideal Destination Wedding Locations

August 4, 2011
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Weddings  happen all the time all over the world. Instead of planning a wedding totally by the book by having it locally at an outdated party venue, why not make your wedding a destination wedding? This might be a more expensive option, but it offers so many more ways to enjoy your wedding with friends and family.

Taking your wedding locations and wedding party to another destination will make the event so much more to remember. Because it’s not just the ceremony and reception the guests will have in their memories, but the whole trip.

To get you started, here are 5 ideal destination wedding locations.

1. Hawaii  For those who live in the United States, Hawaii might just be the number one sought after destination wedding location. And how could it not be? It’s a beautiful island chain filled with tropical locals, gorgeous scenery, delicious food, and stunning beaches. Whether you decide to go to one of the bigger city islands like Maui or Oahu, or the island of Kauai which has so much natural beauty, you will not be sorry.

2. Las Vegas

There’s just no place on earth like Las Vegas. It combines fun, entertainment, and tons of wedding venues and locations all for a relatively inexpensive price. There are of course the more kitschy options like getting married by an Elvis impersonator, but don’t think that because it’s Vegas you won’t get class. There are plenty of elegant ballrooms and sophisticated traditional reception halls.

3. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is fast becoming one of the most desirable locations for destination weddings. This is down to a few key factors. Almost everyone speaks English, they accept American dollars, the wedding is legal in the States as long as it’s performed by a judge, and there are plenty of hotels and resorts to accommodate everyone. And on top of all that, the weather is gorgeous all year round, so no matter what time of year you venture south of the border, it will be lovely.

4. Aruba, Caribbean

 Another beautiful beach location for the ideal destination wedding. The weather is a warm and sunny 85 degrees all year round, the beaches are filled with soft sand and crystal clear blue water. Many resorts have private beaches and incredible romantic amenities, as well as offering plenty of fun activities including water sports, 4-wheel drive off-roading, and fantastic nightlife for the whole wedding party.

5. Paris, France Paris is probably the most romantic city in the world. Everywhere you look there is romance and love in the air. What better place for your nuptials than in the “City of Light?” The charming cafes and landmarks make this city truly one of a kind. And while flights from the US may be a little expensive, Paris offers plenty of budget hotels to stay at.

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