Best Places for Scuba Diving – Turkey Edition

Jonah Andersson December 8, 2013
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scuba diving in Turkey

Best Places for Scuba Diving – Turkey Edition

A sensational plenty of fish species, coral reefs, wrecks and other under water delights await diving diehards at these exhilarating destinations.

Scuba Diving in Turkey
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The following places in Turkey are ranked amongst the best destinations in the world for scuba diving:

· Antalya

· Kas

· Datca- Marmaris

· Bodrum – Orak Island

· Bango – Kargi Island, Kocek Island

· Gulf of Gokova

· Kusadasihem

Turkey scuba diving
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All these listed diving sites have different features that define them and make each one unique.


It is one of the best Turkish dive sites· Here one can find many coral reefs. Enchanting marine life such as rays, eel and turtles populate the waters. It has abundant sea sponges and reefs too with lively and beautiful sights. Here you can enjoy cave diving, wreck diving, a lot of stone reefs, underwater canyons, and night diving as well.

Scuba Diving Turkey
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This diving site is rich in dolphins, Mediterranean seals at a depth of 10-40m. It is a wonderful dive destination off Esen Island that connects to Datca harbor.

Bodrum- Orak Island

It has the submerged Museum and colourful sea life. Also having deep diving points. Colourful sea sponges and a large cave that will easily take whole day to navigate.One can enjoy small sponges and parrotfish coral here.

Gulf of Gokova

This is a 90 minute sail from Bodrum and a point in the Gulf. It is the deepest point which is dived every day. This place is blessed withbeautiful underwater topography. Advisable for those who love wall diving.

scuba diving in Turkey
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Bango Kargi Island & Kocek Island

It is also situated at the same distance as of Gulf of Gokova from Bodrum· It has a depth of 4 meters and is near to the Greek island of Kos. Kocek island is a sea mile away from the island Kargi and in the same direction of Bodrum · It consists of tinny rocky small islands.

Tekirova, Turkey

It is the World’s most known tourist locations and is one of the most popular diving points in the region. The bordering islands are surrounded by a plethora of sea creatures like;

Huge Thornback Rays

Tuna fish





This site is having no tides and great visibility with few currents.Itisan amazing spot to dive. This is the place with uncrowded waters.


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