Best Diving Sites in the Philippines

Jonah Andersson June 9, 2013
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Diving in Philippines

Best Diving Sites in the Philippines


Diving in Philippines
A diver swimming with a sea turtle in Apo Island   (Credit:

The Philippines is not only known for its beautiful white sand beaches and resorts, but it is also a famous spot for International divers. Diving in the deep oceans of the Philippines gives the adventurous divers the experience  to enjoy the underwater sea world of the North Pacific Ocean, South China Sea, Philippine Sea, and the nearby seas in Southeast Asia. Diving in the Philippines will also give you the option to dive and discover the deepest trench of the world, the Mariana Trench.

Mariana Trench near Philippines
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Whether you are visiting the Philippines for leisure, business, or to visit family or friends, you shouldn’t miss the underwater adventure in the deep water of the Philippine islands by snorkeling and diving.

The following islands have the best diving spots in the Philippines.


Apo Island, Negros Oriental

Apo Island is located in the Central Visayas region of the country, and a part of Negros Oriental province.  It is a hilly islet which is mostly visited by divers from different parts of the world, because of its amazing marine sanctuary. I went snorkeling there myself, and I would definitely recommend Apo Island for snorkeling and diving. Apo Island has white sand beach with lots of rocks on it. However, tourists like being in the sea water diving or snorkeling because of the preserved marine life sanctuary in the deep waters of this island. Divers or snorkelers can enjoy following the colorful schools of fish swimming almost off shore. Diving deep near the Apo Island gives you the chance to see whale sharks and 15 different clown fish species.  If it is your first time diving in Apo Island, you have to take note that fishing is illegal and only 15 divers are allowed at the same time.

Diving in Moalboal

Moalboal, Cebu

Another great diving site in the Philippines is Moalboal, which is located 3 hours southwest of Cebu City. Moalboal has three marine reserves – Pescador Island, Tonggo Island, and Ronda Island. These islands or diving areas are rich in marine life. Divers will have the chance to experience seeing beautiful coral reefs, different fish species, whale sharks, and dolphins.

Fish Alona Beach
Fish in Alona Beach (Underwater) –

Alona Beach, Bohol

Alona beach is not only known for its beautiful white sand beaches, sea tours, and tourism accommodations, but it is also the best diving site to try in the Philippines. For those who are curious about how it got its name, Alona Beach was named after a Filipina movie star in the 1970’s – Alona Alegre, who was known to be the first woman showing off the first bikini ever worn in Bohol at that time. The beach of Alona in Bohol Island is mostly visited by tourists from Europe, China, South Korea, and other visiting tourists.

Diving in Alona Panglao
Alona Beach, Panglao Philippines (

Busuanga Island, Coron Palawan

Aside from the beautiful sand beaches and sceneries in Palawan, it is also a perfect diving spot for International divers visiting Philippines. Busuanga Island is the largest island in the Palawan province. It may not be as popular as El Nido in Palawan, but it is considered as the best recreational diving spot. It is because of the 12 Japanese shipwrecks sunk under water during the World War II in Coron Bay, year 1944.

Diving Busuanga Island
Japanese shipwrecks sunk in Busuanga Island Philippines (

Apo Reef National Park, Mindoro Occidental

If you are interested in corals and underwater eco system, you should not miss visiting the Apo Reef National Park in Mindoro Occidental. Acclaimed as one of the best diving sites in the country, the 34 sq. km reef is the home of almost 500 coral species in the Philippines. March to June are the best months to visit Apo Reef National Park. These are the times of the year when the seas are calmer and an ideal period for diving.

Best diving Philippines


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