Best Beauty Gadgets for your 2012 Vacation

Jonah Andersson January 17, 2012
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Planning a big trip in 2012?  Once you begin to research plane travel, you’re going to be surprised. Checking in bags is now no longer included in the price of your ticket, lotions and potions have to be travel sized and kept tight it a clear, quart-sized bag and if you’re thinking that your laptop can stay neatly tucked in your carry-on, think again; you’ll need to pull it out for inspection. With all of the changes that have taken place in the airline industry, many people are switching over to carry-ons for a week away. While carry-ons do help you avoid some of the hassle that comes hand-in-hand with air travel, they present a unique set of challenges. Namely, how do you stow all of your beauty gear in one small bag? Easy! Pack along some of these top travel beauty gadgets to keep yourself looking gorgeous without having to schlep around a dozen bags.

1. Palmperfect Shaver – Clio Chances are that you haven’t used an electric razor since you were a kid learning how to shave your legs. Gone are the days of having to live with stubble or try to suffer through the post-shave irritation of a man’s electric razor. This razor from Clio offers a smooth shave and a greatbattery life. Simply plug it in when you get to your room and you’ll be ready to shave in a couple hours’ time.

2. Quick Blush – Clinique

There are a myriad of reasons I love this blush! With blush in one end of the tube and a twist-out brush in the other, this all-in-one cheek make-up is perfection. The blush is fantastic and the brush is as great as a regular make-up brush, not skimpy or flimsy. Take up even less room in your make-up bag and let the blush double as a natural looking eyeshadow.

Clinique Quick Blush

3. Sunblock App

It was only a matter of time before the app market and the beauty market combined. The sun block app uses GPS data to calculate the UV index wherever you are. Instantly recommend the proper amount and type of sun block to use based on your skin type, activity and terrain. The app will also tell you when you will need to reapply your SPF. Amazing!

4.Yahari Manicure Set

If you are addicted to beautiful nails, the Yahari mini manicure set is a must. Think of it as a trip to the nail salon packed in one tiny case. A sturdy, battery charged base allows you to slip in various heads to give yourself a gorgeous manicure on the go. Buff, file and shape your nails in no time with this handy little tool.

5. Rio Rapid Heel Smoother

If you’re heading to the tropics after months of being trapped in winter boots, you’re sure to be loathe to let your feet out for a breath of fresh air. Kiss those crusty heels goodbye with the Heel Smoother! Better than the popular eggs and easier to use then a pumice stone, the battery operated smoother will reduce the rough, scaly skin on your heels almost instantly.

These are some of the best beauty gadgets that you can bring in your next vacation.

Cindi Lewis writes for an organic skincare and beauty products online retailer.

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