5 Great Places to Visit in Canada

Jonah Andersson December 14, 2013
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Red Peace bridge

5 Great Places to Visit in Canada

Red Peace bridge
The Red Peace Bridge in Calgary, Canada

Canada is a popular tourist attraction destination due to a number of beautiful sceneries, welcoming atmospheres and lively cities. Being the North America’s largest country, it is a vast land covered with spectacular coastlines, majestic mountains, Arctic tundra, virgin forests and spacious prairies. Canada is considered the home to a mosaic of multicultural communities in spite the fact that it is a country of British and French descent.

Here is an overview of 5 great places to visit in Canada;

Credit: GettyImages ( Night Camping in Vancouver Island, Canada)
Credit: GettyImages ( Night Camping in Vancouver Island, Canada)

1. The Vancouver Island, coast of British Columbia

· The coast of British Columbia is located on the western coastline on the Pacific Ocean; therefore it can synonymously be referred to as the West Coast of Canada. It is among the most beautiful regions Canada has to offer.

· Unique landscape is created by dark rainforests, rough coastlines and hidden bays found within this section of Canada. The area is also full of many more amazing, surprising and breathtaking views to be explored.

Canadian Rocky Mountains British Columbia Canada
Image Credit: GettyImages (Canadian Rocky Mountains British Columbia Canada)

2. Rocky Mountains

· The Rocky Mountains National Park found in Alberta are amongst the top ranked favorites in Canada. They are the most visited areas of the country because of their awe-inspiring mountain scenery.

· Apart from the renowned Rocky Mountain National Park, there are also lesser parks such as Yoho National Park and the Banff National Park.

· There is nothing beautiful like sitting on a small island located in the Pyramid Lake in Banff national park every morning while watching the morning fogs rising above the crystal clear water and at the same time, listening to the stillness of the surroundings.

Maritime Quebec
Credit: GettyImages (Maritime Quebec in Canada during daytime)

3. Maritimes in Quebec

· This is a region of eastern Canada, also called the Canadian Maritimes. It is chiefly made up of three provinces; Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. You will be forced to look hard to establish another region within Canada that is as diverse as this area along the St. Lawrence River.

· Maritimes Quebec will give you a chance to explore idyllic small villages, see the activities of fishermen catching their fish, watch the various artists at work, look for gastronomic treats, and go for a canoe adventure among other amazing adventurous activities.

· Every trip will be a real chance for you to explore a fresh area of the city. Therefore, you will be required to come over again and again.

Toronto City's Skyline
Image Credit: GettyImages (The Toronto City’s Skyline)

4. Canada’s cities

Every Canadian possesses its own unique character. Some of these cities include;

i. Toronto; which offers something fascinatingly provincial in spite of its big size.

ii. Vancouver; is unbelievably too close to nature

iii. Montreal; this is the most urban Canadian city

iv. Ottawa; the center of political power on the parliament hill makes it unique.

 Gateway Bridge
Gateway Bridge in Toronto

5. Canada’s Far North

· This is the most absolute favorite destination although it is difficult to narrow down to a specific place. The Alaska Highway possesses a beauty that is only comparable to either that of Cassiar Highway or the Dempter Highway in British Columbia. It also has most fascinating tundra around the Yukon area. The area is also inhabited with a number of indigenous lives.


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