10 Places to Visit in London

Jonah Andersson July 22, 2013
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the city of london view

10 Places to Visit in London


the city of london view
The City View of London (GettyImages)

London is a cosmopolitan city with hundreds of attractions. Organizing your stay and what to visit is all up to you, since the city can provide people with all kinds of interests with something relevant to do. If you love art, you will be delighted by all the museums and galleries, which preserve the history of this great country. If you go to the City of London you can see how business is done. No matter where you decide to go, there are some places which must be on you must-visit list. Here are 10 of them:


1. Westminster Abbey


Westminster Abbey London
“Westminster Abbey”, Credit: : GettyImages.com

The Westminster Abbey is one of the most legendary buildings in London. That is the place where you can feel Great Britain’s spirit. The abbey is actually a Gothic cathedral. That is also the place where all royal weddings are held. Many high-ranking monarchs, scientists and politicians are buried in the abbey.


2. Palace of Westminster


big ben London England
Credit: GettyImages.com

The Palace of Westminster is also known as the Houses of Parliament. The palace’s clock tower has the famous name Big Ben. The Palace was built in 1840 in a Gothic style with Victorian elements. The palace is the residence of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. By entering the Palace, you will dive into the debris of English legislation. The entry price includes a a tour and participation in open debates, which will give you do opportunity to feel like a real English politician.


3. Tower of London


the tower of London
Credit: GettyImages

The Tower of London keeps one of the most terrifying moments from English history. In the moment, the Tower works as a museum, which preserves royal treasures. The small but beautiful church St. John is nestled in the fortress, which is considered to be a modal of Nomad architecture. You should at least leave a day to look around the fortress, which was built back in the time of William I. Close by the Tower of London is the St. Paul Cathedral which attracts tourists for more than two centuries now with its majestic Renaissance dome.


4. Buckingham Palace


Buckingham Palace London
Credit: GettyImages.com

Buckingham Palace, which was built 300 years ago, is the official residence of the British monarch and it is also a symbol of the royal power.  It is open for visitors at the beginning of spring, during summertime and also around Christmas. Another thing that you shouldn’t miss is the changing of the guard at the Palace. The funny thing about the guards is that they aren’t allowed to smile or to make any facial expression – no matter what people around them do.


5. British Museum


British Museum London
Credit: GettyImages.com

The British Museum is one of the biggest and richest museums in the world. This is the place where human history and culture are preserved, you can find artifacts dating 2 million years back. The collections in the British Museum encompass periods from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and also antiquities – there are 10 devisions, representing different periods and places(cultures). The British Library also finds its place at the British Museum.

6. Trafalgar Square


Trafalgar Square London
Credit: GettyImages

A project for building the square was made in 1820 by John Nash and ten years later was ready. Today, Trafalgar is used not only as a tourist attraction but also for political demonstrations. Every year, Norway gives a Christmas tree to England as a token of gratitude for the support given in World War II.


7. Parks

If you take a stroll to the Marble Arch on a Sunday, you will have the opportunity to hear people speaking in Hide Park. You might enjoy looking at the Mounted police. The other big park in London- The Regent’s Park is situated not too far from Hide Park. The two big attractions there are the London Zoo and the wax Museum Madame Tussauds.

Marble Arch in London

8. The Royal Albert Hall


The Royal Albert Hall is a concert hall for all kids of art and sciences. Performers from all over the world prefer that hall for their concerts because of its amazing acoustics and interior. The hall is used for concerts, dancing, reading poetry and so on. Each year more than 350 performances are held there. Don’t miss the opportunity to see your favorite band or singer there. You won’t regred it.


9. Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace London

The Kensington Palace is one of the residences of the Royal family and is now working. You can see where many royal member of the family live if you go there. The interior is fascinating.


10. Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge in London is one of the most emblematic and valued constructions in the English Capital.  It was first open on June 30th 1894 by Edward XII – prince of Wales and future king of England. Tower Bridge is built in a beautiful Gothic-Victorian style and  is often used for natural decor for big movie productions like Sherlock Holmes(2009) and The Mummy Returns.



Author Bio: Jack Sheamus is passionate traveler and blogger. He owns a company called CarpetCleanerLondon but he spends most of his time traveling abroad. However, he is really happy to live in London.

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