Women Should Not Take A Trip Alone In A Venice Taxi

July 21, 2011
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When females use a Venice taxi, they should remember not to get in it without any friends with them. Most cab drivers are decent professionals however, you may encounter a couple of odd types, who may attempt to make sexual advancements, particularly in case you had a couple of drinks. In many tourism cities, cabs are easy to identify by their colors, markings, and models.  Don’t accept rides from unmarked vehicles unless you have arranged for travel through a private vehicle service.

It’s more difficult for taxi Venice drivers to deceive you if you know exactly where you are heading.  Having a cell phone and tourist map handy are great ideas.  Before you accept “shortcuts,” detours, and special stops, make sure you know your location, where you started, and where it is you ultimately would like to go.  If you are supposed to be heading to the airport, but you discover  that you are driving in the opposite direction, feel free to get out of the taxi immediately.  Nonetheless, you still might be expected to pay whatever fare is on the meter.  It’s much safer to go ahead and pay the taxi driver than it is to hassle each other over a couple of dollars.

Do not use a taxi if the operator appears to be under the influence of alcohol; the driver doesn’t seem to know the local place; the car appears to be too old for use as a taxi or the vehicle is in a state of disrepair.  Be cognizant of traffic behavior and local street culture. Watch out for reckless driving such as speeding, apparent drowsiness, inattention to driving, and blatant disregard for traffic control devices.  If the taxi driver drives irresponsibly, get out at the first safe opportunity.  If you think you’re at risk, say something to the driver.  Don’t ride with other passengers who seem to be intoxicated or on drugs, distracted, excessively tired, or irrational.  Ride only in taxis with working seat belts in the rear seat.  Avoid night time traveling, especially in country areas.

Pay attention to what is happening around you and don’t allow yourself to be distracted by conversation, people selling things, good-looking strangers or anything else.  This also means you do not let people bump into you. Taxi cab stands have a tendency to be fairly crowded, so pick-pockets work at these stands at times. So be mindful, maintain a nice radius of personal space, and know what is going on around you and where everyone is.

Prior to getting on board the Venice taxi, the general condition and appearance of the vehicle that will take you to your destination should be immaculate, both outside and inside. It might sound like a joke again, but it’s definitely not advisable to board a taxi cab that looks like a rattletrap. Your life could be in serious danger, as opposed to official certification, which is often the result of a corrupt government office.

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