Visiting The Most Eclectic City In Texas: Austin

July 16, 2011
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Known as the Violet Crown of Texas for many years, the state capital of Austin is without a doubt one city that is not by any means what many people envision when they picture this state. You will find there’s large combination of things taking place here and this has made for a unique city with a little something for nearly any guest. Let us take a short jaunt through what this interesting city features.

Austin is named after Stephen F. Austin who is regarded as the ‘Founder’ of the state of Texas. Nowadays, however, it is more referred to as The Live Music Capital of the World because there are a great number of musicians, bands and live music festivals to take in that there is music happening nearly all the time. The particular glow of the city, a hue of violet during the winter time, is where the Violet Crown moniker comes from. However, nearly as much as this is the city that is home to vast corporations like Freescale Semiconductor and Dell, the computer manufacturer, it is also equally well known for the oddball lifestyles of a few of its more bohemian residents. This kind of pairing of the formal and the relatively weird is what helps make it such a incredible attraction.

With a well developed infrastructure, you can bus, bike or drive almost anywhere you could possibly desire to. Because Austin climate is noted for being quite mild and extremely easy to deal with, this really is absolutely a fantastic place to visit. If you want to be able to find out about the history of Texas, it can be done here quite easily, but it is just as easy to take a traipse in the very well developed arts district. Because the city has a large number of boutique style establishments that have a distinct Austin essence, you will definitely discover plenty of coffee shops, restaurants and small shops that you will never find anywhere else. SoCo, referring to South Congress Avenue, is the principal shopping district with numerous excellent things to offer.

Experiencing an awesome time in Austin will be par for the course. Regardless of whether you choose a bed and breakfast, Bluegreen resorts, a motel or a fancier hotel, you have a lot of types of places to stay that you can book from the Bluegreen resorts corporation. This really is one city with plenty for the family and still the flourishing 6th Street nightlife that people come from all around to experience. As strange as it gets, it still possesses a friendly and down to earth feel that many people love.


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