Visit Adelaide: Active Pursuits and Spectator Sports in Adelaide

Jonah Andersson January 28, 2012
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Visit Adelaide: Active Pursuits and Spectator Sports in Adelaide

Adelaide, Australia

Back then, people from neighboring Australian cities and states do not only come to visit Adelaide but to stay for good. As the city is considered to be one that features “freedom” in countless expressions, people come to it to break from the odds of their own hometowns racial and religious discrimination especially that it recognizes and grants Aboriginal land rights to the native dwellers of its country.

Adelaide is also the first city in all of Australia to grant its women population the right to cast votes and to abolish capital punishment. Freedom granted to the people of Adelaide even went as far as legalizing nude swimming.

Tourists nowadays come to visit Adelaide for its inviting active pursuits and spectator sports. As a matter of fact, Adelaide one of the best places to explore one’s the adventurous limits. As the place is meant and designed by Col. William Light back in the year 1837 to be what it is today- a long strip of lush greens, wide roads and well-laid-out navigation patterns.

Visit Adelaide: Active Pursuits

Adelaide has numerous parklands, lush green sites and countless strips of outdoor sights that will surely make one want to come out and get around. The outdoors should constitute a huge portion in one’s visit to Adelaide especially that getting around the place is no-brainer.

Here are the top active pursuits people love to visit Adelaide for:

  • Golf. Golfing gives individuals and families a great chance to be in Adelaide’s outdoors. North Adelaide has the Adelaide Golf Links that offers a good time with the lush greens and a great view of the city. A par-3 course is a perfect choice of activity for families. There are also courses for green championships so this makes the place a great one for amateurs and pro’s a like. Club rates average in a range of A$13- A$27.
  • Hiking and/or Jogging. A hike in the afternoon or a jog early in the morning is best done in Adelaide’s parks and trails. While the banks of River Torrens is one that is good for just any jogger, those who want to step-up the activity can take the Heysen Trail that runs 1,600 km.
  • Biking. Biking is a fun and healthy activity. Go biking when coming to visit Adelaide and see how nice it is to take a bike ride to get around the city especially that Adelaide is known for its low-to-zero traffic jams despite being 5th in Australia’s most populated cities.

Adelaide Australia

Visit Adelaide: Spectator Games

Adelaide has its own set of exciting sports and sports persona to boast. Two of the most celebrated spectator sports in Adelaide are Cricket and Football.

  • Cricket. The Adelaide Oval is a world-renowned venue for Australia’s national game Cricket. Not only is the oval home to games by teams in Adelaide but it is also a venue to international cricket games. People come to the Adelaide Oval not only to witness the sport but also for guided tours that features the best info on cricket and Sir Don Bradman, Australia’s cricket hero.
  • Football. The Australian Rules Football is the most popularly known and played football in Australia. The Adelaide Oval and the AMMI Stadium are two of the largest venues for Australian Rules football that draws crowds to watch the game.

With everything that invites one to visit Adelaide, it will not be so hard to look forward to booking a flight to the Australian city. If problem is finding the best time in the year to visit Adelaide, the answer is pretty simple.

Adelaide is a beautiful place to come to anytime of the year. Most of the times, the place has a mild weather that brings in a good chance to actually experience one’s choice of active pursuit or to watch any of Adelaide’s spectator sports. Months to note would be the cold ones that start during May and ends in August. On the other hand, January to February are the months when the city gets the most sun.

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