Venice: A Guide to Visiting Venice

Jonah Andersson January 20, 2012
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Venice: A Guide to Visiting Venice

Venice is one of the most visited places in the entire world since 1,500 years ago. However, in contrary to the busy Venice we now know, it was a very serene city so serene and beautifully humble that Lord Byron called it La Serenissima meaning “the most serene.”

Attractions in Venice

Venice is known for its unique way of transportation where only foot traffic and water transportation exists. Another feature unique to Venice is the traditional past time of stopping by local bars for a glass of un ombra or a serving of cichetti and the delightful diner meals of outstanding seafood Italian dishes.

Visiting Churches in Venice
San Giacomo di Rialto is Venice’s oldest church. The church has an enormous 15th century designed clock on its entrance. The architecture and design of the church is graces by the elegant combination of red and gold making the air about it elegant and majestic.

San Simeone Piccolo
is a beautiful church located right across the Grand Canal. It is said to be the newest of the oldest churches built in Venice and holds Tredentine Celebrations on Sundays.

Saint Mark’s Basilica is among the best things you can do during a Venice visit. However, due to the fact that there are lots of people who come to visit the church the whole year round, be prepared to pay a fee of € 1,00 for admission reservations so you would not be waiting in line for hours to spend 10 minutes within the cathedral.

Art Galleries and Exhibitions
Palazzo Ducale is a monument of extraordinary architecture and design. Take the time to book ahead for the “Secret Itineraries in Doge’s Palace” and roam about for the most fascinating rooms and corners inside the palace.

Correr Museum is located in San Marco Piazza and is home to 16th century Roman archeological artifacts. It also preserves yet displays a wide array of globes, antique pieces and pictures in its galleries.

Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition in the Chiesa di San Barnaba showcases replicas of da Vinci’s inventions as produced after the designs dedicated in the old master’s very own plans and manuscripts.  


Outdoors and Activities

Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge offers a spectacular of free pass and you can make the most out of this attraction when you schedule to go during times when foot traffic is on its least. Get up very early in the morning and spend your wait for the sunshine in the bridge. As the skies make way for the sun, you will see the fun and colorful activities in the nearby market from the bridge itself.

Gondola Rides are among the most common things tourists seek to experience in Venice. Gondola rides are not only fun, they can be romantic experiences too especially when done during times of the year aside from summer.

Beach of Lido is the Venetian’s place to be during the hot summer. It is a place where they head to for a cooling dip at the Adriatic Sea without going too far. The best times to head to the beach for a break from busy Venice and for fresh air is during the autumn months where there are less people than in summer.

Reminders in Visiting Venice

Certain attractions, especially the churches, have certain requirements aside from admission tickets so be mindful of dress codes too. Venice maybe Lord Byron’s abode of serenity but today the place is pretty crowded compared to that of his time. So it will be beneficial to bring along you most comfortable walking shoes as walking is the best way to get around the city.

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