Traveling to Tanzania

September 12, 2011
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Have you always dreamed to go on an African wildlife tour? Then Tanzania is the destination for you. Tanzania is one of the biggest East African countries. One of the most breathtaking locations in the world, it boasts miles of protected parks and reserves. It is one of the finest destinations for tourists to enjoy.

Tanzania is grounds to 13 protected game reserves and national parks, including the the Ngorongoro Conservation area  and Serengeti National Park. These areas are haven to over 3 million large mammals. The highest population of forest elephants made their homes in the small Mikumi park. These mammals are in continuous migration and the geographical area now has World Heritage Status. With all this secured habitat, Tanzania is one of the most desired  destinations wildlife tours, for safaris and game viewing. On tour, you can see the highest density of lions in Africa as well as take a trip to the Olduvai Gorge, known as the birthplace of men.

Tanzania is known for more than just its green parks and reserves. The most breathtaking white sand beaches sit along the Indian Ocean. The perfect temperature waters make it the perfect place for water activities and adventures, such as snorkeling, fishing and sailing. If water activities are not your thing, the country is home to the third tallest mountain in the entire world. Mount Kilimanjaro is the most visited mountain anywhere. The highest point in Africa, it is the spot for adventurers and thrill seekers who try to climb it every year.

Dodoma is the main city of Tanzania. Tradition and culture meet with the new world in the dusty area of Dodoma. Its location and roads make it complicated  to get into and navigate for travelers. Dar es Salaam sits on the port and is the most popular city in Tanzania. There you can get day to day errands taken care of and a ferryboat ride  to Zanzibar.

For the real beauty that is the African continent, Tanzania is filled with traditions and miles of sheltered land. Be sure as a guest, you have all your correct documents taken care of to enjoy your tour fully. Before leaving on your trip, be sure you have the right passports and travel visa for the duration  of stay. Be sure to apply in advance because Tanzania visas can take up to 1 to 2 months. A Tanzanian visa can cost up to $50 if you are applying for Tanzania visas as a one-time traveler.

Your safari to East Africa will build memories you will never forget. There is no destination in the world like Tanzania. Your main priority should be safety. Hiring a professional company or safari tour is the safest way to travel in Tanzania. Finding an expert tour or safari guide is easy to do online. This will ensure you see the best of Tanzania with safety.

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