Traveling with Medication the Right Way

Jonah Andersson June 28, 2012
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No matter the reason for your travels, you can expect that your routine will be thrown a curve-ball. If you’re on medication, you’ll have to pay more attention to your schedule than the average traveler. Here are ways to ensure that your travel plans don’t wreak havoc on your medication schedule:

1. Write Down Your Schedule

In the midst of a hectic vacation, it can be easy to forget to take your medication on schedule or even forget what your medication schedule is altogether. Before you leave the house, sit down with your medication and write down your current schedule. This is especially important if you are on multiple medications that have to be taken at different times or at multiple times throughout the day.

2. Set an Alarm

If you are on multiple medications, invest in a cheap, digital wristwatch with an alarm. Setting an alarm to remind you of the need to take your medication can help prevent you from forgetting a dose.

3. Carry-On Luggage

Make sure that you pack your medication in your carry-on bag or purse instead of in luggage that will be checked. This will ensure that you still have your medication in the event that your bags are lost by the airline. Make sure that you keep your medication in the bottles you received from the pharmacy. This is not only the legal way to carry your medication, but it will also prevent any hassle when you are trying to get through security or customs.

4. Pill Planner

You can buy a pill planner, or pill container, in any drug store in the nation. If you are on medication that has to be taken more than once a day, buy a pill planner that has multiple slots for each day. When you arrive at your destination, fill your pill container with your medication. This will help you from getting confused as to which pill needs to be taken when.

5. Speak to Your Doctor

Talk to your doctor before you leave for your vacation. Your physician may want to alter your medication schedule depending on where you will be traveling. If you are going overseas, you’ll be in a different time zone which can alter the schedule you follow when you’re at home.

6. Speak to Your Pharmacist

Speak to your pharmacist before you leave for your destination. Find out if there are any foods or beverages that will counteract your medications. Many people don’t think of this because they tend to eat and drink the same things day after day when they are at home. You’ll be exposed to new foods when you travel, and some of those foods may affect the way that your medication works.

Your travel plans don’t have to alter your medication routine if you use some common sense practices while you’re on holiday. Before you leave, speak to your doctor and your pharmacist, buy a pill planner, and grab a digital watch. When you get to your destination, separate your pills into a pill container and set your watch’s alarm to the appropriate times. If you follow this advice, you’ll be able to stick to your medication schedule as closely as possible while you’re on vacation.

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