Australia Travel: Top 5 Townsville Tourist Attractions

August 8, 2011
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townsville Queensland Australia
Townsville, Queensland

Queensland is a place like no other in Australia.

Tropical beaches and a busy city are both on the agenda for travelers but the best part of Townsville is definitely the coastline. With over three hundred days of sun each year, there is no way to miss snorkeling or diving the Great Barrier Reef.

The Townsville hotels are able to direct you to the best diving equipment and boat rentals for your Great Barrier Reef experience. Average boat and dive rentals include all of your gear and run about AUD $180-$250 for the seasoned diver. Diving the wreck of the Yongala is a once in a lifetime thrill.

When you are tired of the water, the next best thing to snorkeling is a visit to the Reef HQ Aquarium. This is actually the largest living reef aquarium in the world and the building also houses an Imax theater. Wander the aquarium and take in a film and you’ve spent a great day in Townsville. The Reef HQ Aquarium and the Imax theater charge separately, but the prices are reasonable. At around AUD $25 for the aquarium plus a bit extra for a movie, this day is well spent without breaking the bank.

Touring Townsville can’t be complete without taking in the Billibong Sanctuary. The park offers three distinct varieties of Australian habitat and is the best way to get a feel for the country. AUD $30 gets you in the park for the day, where you’ll meet the cuddly koala and slithery snakes, all native to Australia. Billibong Sanctuary is undeniably a top pick for tourists and locals alike. The guides are fun and entertaining so this a perfect day for families with children.

Done with the parks? Townsville has nightlife and culture for even the picky traveler.

Charters Towers is probably one of the coolest examples of Victorian architecture and early Outback style on the planet. You walk through the swinging doors of a saloon in the heat of the day and it’s like being on a movie set. Old hotels, bars and stores that were built during the gold rush days of the Outback are still in use today. The people are friendly and the shopping and restaurants are pure Australia.


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