Top Worldwide Surf Destinations

Jonah Andersson September 29, 2013
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Mavericks, California

Top Worldwide Surf Destinations

The top worldwide surf destinations are located where the variables of surfing meet positively and consistently all year round. The quality of surfing waves is affected by several factors such as wind, tides, swell direction and sea floor.

There are several locations that possess these factors. These locations are worth the time the surfer because of their magnificent view, not to mention the perfect wave to play with the surf board. The following places are some of the best surf destinations in the world.


Top Worldwide Surf Destinations
Image Credit: j.s.u on “Pipeline Oahu, Hawaii”

Pipeline Oahu, Hawaii

When you hear the word surfing, the Pipeline is almost a synonym to it. In fact, it is considered the Super Bowl of surfing. The pipeline has powerful waves and shallow reef, making this spot very appealing to surfers who prefer to tube ride. The average wave at the Pipeline is nine feet. Thus, it is considered the deadliest wave because it has more casualties than other surf destinations in the world. The movies Point Break and Blue Crush were taken in this surf spot. This surf sport is for the best of the best surfers and not for beginners. The Pipeline is the center for true surfers.


Supertubes in Africa
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Supertubes, Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

The Supertubes is a legendary break and notorious for amazing right-hand tubes and long point breaks. It is the host of the Billabong Pro ASP World Tour. The Jeffrey’s Bay was a small fishing village known as a “hippie hangout.” The place becomes a tourist destination because it has the best waves for surfing. The waves at Jeffrey’s reach nearly 300 meters long, and the reason why Pro surfers invade the place. Aside from crowding surfers, Jeffrey’s Bay is a shark territory.


Gold Coast Queensland
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Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

The Gold Coast in Queensland is one of the best surfing destination in all of Australia. Surfers love this spot because of the sick tubes and solid walls that this spot is very well-known of producing. This is just one of the famous worldwide surf destinations in Australia. If you are looking another destination in the country to change scenery, Bells Beach is another paradise.


Mavericks, California
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Mavericks, California, United States

Mavericks is just north of Half Moon Bay. This spot is considered the best winter destination for big wave lovers and riders. This spot is not for beginners nor for those with faint of heart because the waves in this spot can measure up to 25 feet. This is perhaps the second deadliest surf spot next to the Pipeline. In 1994, Pro surfer, Mark Foo died on this spot. Sion Milosky, a big wave rider, also died in Mavericks while wiping out a ’30-foot Hawaiian,” which is actually 60 feet using normal standards.


Mentawai Islands, Indonesia


Mentawai Islands
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The Mentawai Islands is an ideal place for surfing and other activities. The Islands provide all the necessary conditions for surfers of all skill levels. Novice and Pros alike have their own place to ride the waves. It is a guaranteed fun being in this spot because there is no shortage of barrels for tube riders.


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