Top Tips for Saving Money On Your Travels

Jonah Andersson January 21, 2012
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So you want to go travelling but can’t see how your finances will ever let you follow your dreams?

Well, whether you want to spend a gap year touring Argentina or simply want to get away from it all for a week in the Canary Islands; follow these top tips to helping you in saving money on your travels.

Depart During Low Season

The price of your trip can vary greatly according to the time of year you decide to go.

For instance, many travellers and tourists choose to avoid Thailand during its ‘rainy’ season (June to October). Yet it doesn’t rain all of the time (weeks can pass without rain), and prices during these months, for both travel and accommodation, are far less than during the ‘dry season’. What’s more, off season travellers to Thailand will get to see the country at its most vibrant and colourful.

If you want to spend some of your gap year in Australia, consider going there during the Australian ‘winter’. Most of the country is very warm during this time, with areas such as Queensland boasting temperatures well above 20 degrees Celsius. Avoid the capital, Canberra however, where summer temperatures average around 12 degrees.

Fly During the Week

Weekday flights are nearly always cheaper than flights at the weekend, so it’s worth making yourself flexible to fly whenever the cheapest tickets are available.

Fly Standby  

For backpacking travellers happy to go with the flow, this can be a fantastic way to reach a new destination on a budget.

Flying standby simply means waiting at the airport for notification of spare seats on flights about to leave. As a ‘reward’ for filling the empty seat, you should be offered a heavily discounted ticket.

Choose Your Destination According to Currency

You can save a great deal of money if you choose to visit a country that offers you a favourable exchange rate.

Rent an Apartment

This often works out far cheaper than renting a hotel room – especially if you’re in a group or plan to stay in one place for more than a few days.

Book Online

Booking accommodation in advance through an external agency is almost always a fantastic way in saving money on your trip. In most cases you’ll pay far more if you simply turn up at your chosen accommodation and ask for a room. Try sites like and

However, it’s worth ringing the accommodation directly to check they’ve received the booking; it’s not unusual for external travel agencies to fail to pass the booking on.

Use Public Transport

Many countries have cheap, reliable and efficient public transport widely available.

Not only is public transport cheaper than booking a taxi (in most cases) but you also avoid the risk of being targeted as a tourist and getting ripped off.

Written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Sport Lived; organisers of sporting gap years in Argentina and Australia.

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