Top Destinations in the Philippines

Jonah Andersson April 20, 2015
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Makati City Philippines

Top Destinations in the Philippines

Emerald rice fields carpeting its landscape, several island making it geographically diverse, ocean beautifully caressing its shores and graffiti strewn Jeepneys giving a slice of popular issues; Philippines is never sort of options to attract people. Magnificent mountains, beautiful hills, spectacular beaches, bustling cities and scrumptious cuisines combine together to spell a magic that tourists find irresistible. Here we give you a lowdown on top destinations in Philippines. So order flights to Manila and enjoy a Filipino Odyssey.

Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces
Banaue Rice Terraces

Filipino calls it the place “where land merges with the clouds to meet the heavens” and there can’t be better descriptions of this place. This darling destination of nature lovers and adventurers is synonymous to terraced rice fields that seem to be making efforts to meet sky. Its great culture and laidback environment charms people to come and explore this place nestled in the mountains of Ifugao. The adventurous souls can try their hand in biking and trekking. Banaue rice terraces starts at the base of the Cordilleras and reaches to a great height. The rice plantations are watered by mountain springs. Banaue rice terraces are ideal for trekking. While on trek, you will also visit spring-fed stream of Guihob and the magnificent Tappiya Waterfalls which offers ideal setting for swimming.

Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills in Bohol
The Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines

The Philippines is home to some of the most spectacular hills that are almost a rage among travellers. The country casts an everlasting impression on the mind of visitors with its 1,268 perfectly symmetrical, haycock-shaped hills called Chocolate Hills. The name is given to it as it resembles chocolate bonbons. These hills rise 30 meters above the ground and it has been given National Geological Monument status. These hills are formation of million years of evolution. Some of the hills are provided with viewing point from where you can get a commanding view of the city.

Beaches of the Philippines

Boracay Island Philippines
Boracay Island, Philippines

Beaches of Philippines are other major draw cards for travellers and the country is home to some of the most scenic beaches on the planet earth. As the country consists of an archipelago with more than 1000 islands it has no dearth of beaches. Boracay Island with its sugary white beaches and azure water is located on the north-western tip of Panay, Western Visayas. The beach is highly popular among travellers. The 4Km vast stretch of the sand here is considered as the finest beach on the earth. The water here is shallow and sand is fine. On any normal day, one can see hordes of people walking barefooted on the beach. You can see people relaxing under the shade of a coconut tree. From dusk to dawn, the beach becomes an open air party space which everyone can join. Apart from this, El Nido and Honda Bay are other popular beaches.

Metro Manila

Makati City Philippines
Makati City, Metro Manila Philippines

Beaches, mountains and hills may have their own charm, but no description of Philippines is said to be complete unless you visit Manila. The capital of Philippines is the place where a common Filipino goes for shopping, education and even making a career. The city which remains abuzz with activity round the clock is a fascinating mix of occidental and oriental. Most of the travellers visiting Manila complain about its chaotic traffic but once you brave this you will find an array of options to explore. Intramuros the oldest and most historic part of the city is worth exploring. The complex houses a good number of churches and other historic buildings that include Fort Santiago, Postigo del Palacio, Plaza de Roma and San Agustín Church.


El Nido Palawan Philippines
El Nido, Palawan Philippines

Palawan attracts a large number of travellers through its diversity. The island boasts of a diversity of terrestrial and aquatic animal life. This sparsely populated region interests a large number of people with its serene environment. Puerto Princesa (Puerto) which is famous for its culinary delights also acts as a jumping off point for many a tour in vicinity.

Vigan City

Vigan City Philippines
Vigan City, Philippines

Century old edifices of Vigan give a reflection of the city which it was during its heydays. Founded in 1572, this earliest Spanish settlement in Philippines is patterned after Intramuros in Manila. On your arrival to the city, you would see wooden castles and horse drawn carriages. Walk through its cobbled streets that echo with history. The city is finest example of Spanish history in Asia. The old part of the city has been listed as UNESCO world heritage site.

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