Top Cities to Visit in France

Jonah Andersson June 17, 2012
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France is probably one of the most preferred cities for short vacations because it has a reputation of being a romantic country and also because all the tourist places are easily accessible. It has something to offer to everyone irrespective of their tastes, preferences and interests. Another reason why France is preferred by tourists is the variety in the places you can visit within the country. Nowhere else can you find such an eclectic mix of cities that offer varied ambiences. Here is a look at the top cities you should visit in France.


This is a city of religious importance and was once the residence city for Popes. This former ‘European City of Culture’ is a haven for culture lovers. The interesting thing about the city is its car-free policy which means that you will have to walk around the city to experience it.


This city is a must visit especially during the winter. It is a popular destination for snowboarders and skiers. Another noteworthy feature of this city is its cafes, bars and stores. You can experience French cuisine in the local hang outs or some of the classy restaurants.


This city is famously called ‘the city of hidden gems’, meaning it is filled with small and attractive places which do not appeal to you at the first glance. If you want some accommodation overlooking the sea, choose Narbonne. Most of the hotels and other accommodations are located close to the sea and the beaches.


This is probably one of the most overlooked cities by visitors. The city is home to a few fine buildings of Romanesque architecture. You can also rent some villas in the vicinity of a world heritage site, the Grand lle.


There are no reasons required to visit this beautiful city, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. You can spend weeks in the romantic capital of the world. A visit to Paris will not be complete without taking a trip to admire the engineering marvel, the Eiffel tower. Watching the city from the top of the Eiffel tower is an experience on its own.

Another must see location is the Louvre, home to the most famous portrait in the world, The Monalisa. The Louvre also features artwork from some of the finest artists the world has ever seen. The palace which houses the museum is also a delight for architecture lovers.


This is France’s oldest city, with a history that dates back to 3 millennia. The city, touted as the Mediterranean Capital of France, is a mixture of traditional French culture and the modern urban culture. There are many restaurants and bars to spend some quality time in during your holiday.


World renowned for the annual Cannes Film Festival, this city offers you many attractions even when the festival is not taking place. The glamour of the film stars who visit the city every year has rubbed off on the city and its culture too. If you want to spend a classy weekend with glamorous people, Cannes is the place to be in.

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