Top 5 Places to Travel in Paris

Jonah Andersson October 10, 2013
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Eiffel tower

Top 5 Places to Travel in Paris


A travel to Paris can be a daunting one since the city has so many places to visit and it can be hard to choose the best to go to. This is especially hard for one visiting this city for the first time, listed from museums, historical sites and monuments, one can find much excitement in this city. Here are just some of the best places one should visit in Paris.

 Eiffel tower
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1. Eiffel Tower

It is without doubt the iconic symbol of this city, whenever one mentions Paris then this tower must feature in it. The tower was built in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel for the 1889 world fair. The tower is 324 meters tall which makes it ideally the tallest building in Paris. Climbing the tower gives an incredible view of the town. The tower has three levels; the first two can be accessed through an elevator and stairs while the third one can only be accessed by an elevator. Climbing this tower is one of the memorable moments that one can never forget about Paris and this makes the tower a place to visit.

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris
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2. Notre Dame Cathedral

This church has a great history dating back to the 1163 when its construction started. It displays the immense French Gothic architecture which was totally destroyed during the late 18th century French revolution. During the early 19th century the church was rebuilt and restored to what it looks like today. The reconstruction made it to get an impeccable look and great beauty as well as being one of the great cathedrals in the world.

The Louvre Museum Paris
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3. The Louvre Museum

This is an ultimate spot to visit for all those who love art.The impression created by the design of this structure is just a masterpiece of great arts and designs. The museum was constructed as a product of the French revolution in the 1970 and incorporates all pieces of fine arts from all over the world. The museum is open all the days of the week except Tuesdays.

Versailles France
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4. Versailles

This place is located slightly outside the town and gives a chance to escape from the bustle and the hustle of the city. It was built in the 17th century and served as both a residence and a court of the king. The place looks great from both outside and inside and it is a place that one should not afford to miss.

Jardin du Luxembourg
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5. Jardin du Luxembourg

This is the second largest park in Paris and offers the most appealing and interesting picnic. The park looks just serene and cool to spend time for a whole day. There are plenty of activities to engage in which includes, fitness equipment, tennis courts, jogging paths and much more. There are also plenty of artistic statues to see. In addition, children can get a chance to play in the sail model boats, watch a puppet shows and even play in the huge grounds.

In a nutshell there is just more to explore in this city and one can just find great adventure and enjoy time here. The only thing that can take into account is to have a Travelodge phone number, with which it is possible to get all information about the resting and accommodation facilities in the city and even transportation to the places.

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