Top 5 Lakes of Goa in India

Jonah Andersson June 5, 2013
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Top 5 Lakes of Goa: Explore the Watery Nooks of this Photogenic State

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Goa’s beaches may have stolen the maximum limelight and the top churches (Basilica of Bom Jesus) and the forts (Aguada Fort) may also have run away with the remaining spotlight. But if you are on a Goa tour, then prepare yourself to come face to face with some serene and silent lakes. Yes, Goa is a haven of some of the top lakes in India.

Here is a quick glance at the top 5 lakes of Goa:

Mayem Lake:

Mayem Lake is a great place to spend some happy picnic hours with the whole family. With plenty of green hills around, this place is surely a winner! Tourists can also enjoy boating on this artificial lake and take up accommodations in local inns and cottages. The lake is also situated at a convenient location, just 35 km off Panaji. Goa tourism certainly inflates with ample pride at the mere mention of the Mayem Lake.

Corambolin Lake:

If you are a bird-watcher, then Corambolin Lake is a site you must not skip at any cost. Apart from the usual serenity and calm, it offers a number of beautiful birds for your eyes and lenses. Bring along a powerful photographer’s camera and you are likely to take away digital pictures of some coveted birds like the egrets, herons, marsh harriers and comb ducks. This lake lies just towards the eastern flank of the Old Goa.

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Netravalli Lake:

Netravalli Lake is an intriguing natural site since the bed of this water body has natural geysers. Once you reach this site, you will notice the incessant eruption of hot bubbles from the surface. No wonder, Goa tourism officials receive a lot of enquiries by potential tourists wanting to take a look at this wonder. This lake lies in the region of Sanguen Taluka.

Boca De Vaca:

Boca De Vaca is a spring-cum-lake which has an enigmatic shape. It resembles the face of a cow! The name Boca De Vaca literally translates into a cow’s face! It is another popular tourist attraction for its beauty and tranquility.

Kesarval Spring:

One of the places to see in Goa is to explore its impressive springs. And the Kesarval Spring, which is more like a lake, is a must-visit. Tourists and locals like to take a dip into its waters. There is a belief that its waters have curative properties and are good for anyone suffering from any skin disorder.

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