Tips for Enjoying a Weekend in Orange County, CA

Jonah Andersson December 3, 2011
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Orange County

Orange County Tips for Enjoying a Weekend in Orange County, CA

As a law student, I’m often forced to study all day and well into the night, which makes for some extremely boring experiences. But last month, when I was finally able to take a break from my law school in Boston, I decided to chase a change of scenery.

After a lot of online research, I chose Orange County, California as my weekend getaway of choice. I felt like I couldn’t go another day in the crummy cold Boston weather, and that the beautiful shores of Orange County’s many beaches might lift my spirits and prepare for the long, cold, dark days now rapidly approaching.

I ended up having such an amazing time on my trip that I wanted to share some of my travel tips with you!

Go Boutique

Although the big chain hotels may be tempting, why not go with something a little different and choose a boutique hotel? Start you weekend off right by checking into one of the many boutique hotels in Orange County.

There are multiple advantages to staying at a boutique hotel, but the most important is that you are just about always guaranteed a highly unique and individualized experience. Boutique hotels often pride themselves in providing exceptionally personalized service, so if, like me, you just need to take a break, then make sure to book boutique!

Plan Ahead

To avoid wasting time on deciding what to do once you get there, make sure to plan out your activities and your schedule ahead of your arrival. Do some research online to find the top attractions and the very best deals.

There are usually online coupons for major attractions which can save you a lot of money. Make sure to utilize the now ubiquitous network of online review sites to find the best restaurants and attractions to visit well in advance.

Remember to Relax

Orange County is renowned for its laid back attitude and relaxing sandy beaches – so remember to enjoy it! Definitely see some of the sights and sample the night life but also make sure you take it relatively easy and save some time to unwind. Explore the beaches or go on a nature walk, the options are endless but make sure you incorporate restful components into your trip!

My trip to Orange County really reenergized me and gave me the off time I needed to start the new semester. Use my tips to have a peaceful and super fun time in the OC. Plan ahead and remember to pace yourself! Bon voyage!

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