10 Easy Tips & Tricks To Reduce Airfare

Jonah Andersson November 14, 2015
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reduce airfare by searching on travel websites

10 Easy Tips & Tricks To Reduce Airfare

Everyone wishes for cheap air travelling, In fact not everyone knows how to get inexpensive flight tickets. For sake of their guidance, I am putting forward some easy go tricks to assist in cheap flights hunt their coming vacations.

Air travel can only be cheap, if you reserve a good flight deal. The obvious reason for the unavailability of cheap tickets is due to increasing factor of costs resulting because of company emergencies.

Apart from above factor, I sought some others factors during 3 years of nonstop travelling to various destinations of world. Moreover, by using these tips and tricks you would be able to find cheapest air tickets that would eventually reduce the costs of your trip fare.

Here you go follow any of the 10 tips & tricks that you find suitable and helpful on how you can reduce your airfare.

reduce airfare by searching on travel websites

Search By Using Meta-Search Engines

Frankly speaking, search through Meta-Search engines is the finest way to lookout available flight deals. They serve as a simple tool that enables you single-handedly to search different airline domains for available tickets. Apart from core search feature, they are also capable to predict price of tickets, generating destination based pricing maps, airfare email alerts, and many more.

Find Through Flight Search Websites

Although Meta-Search engine can make you search available flights, but it couldn’t enable you to decide about cheap tickets. In order to do so, following search engines are handy in this respect:

  • JetRadar
  • Google Flights
  • SkyScanner
  • Kayak

Reduce airfare tickets

I would go for JetRadar, since it has edge against other search engines due to the feature of ‘magic fares’, useful in displaying multiple tiers of prices for a particular reservation. Just in order to get price best of the best, I would recommend checking all above flight engines before making reservation. Since, no one can predict which search engine shows you cheap ticket.

Subscribe For Fare Alerts

Another way to obtain cheap flight tickets or to reduce airfare costs is through offers received via flight alerts from more than one search engines. All you need to subscribe the fare alerts of respective flight search engine. You will only need to input your email, destination, and dates of travel. The search tool will keep you updated about the price through email alerts.

Fare alerts to reduce airfare

Along with these subscriptions, I would also recommend you to stay updated through given below airfare websites:

  • HolidayPirates.com
  • TheFlightDeal.com
  • SecretFlying.com
  • AirfareWatchDog.com

To receive updates from these websites, you also need signup or subscription, and they will keep you sending very best of available deals on internet.

Subscribe For Airline Newsletters

Sometimes you couldn’t find airfare best deals on flight search engines due to any reason. In that case, you could avail such deals by subscribing the newsletters of top airlines, these newsletters appear in your inbox either as special offers or promo codes. Airline newsletter subscription not only allows you to access the attractive deals, also enables substantial discount up to 50% off on presented fares.

To receive relevant offers, you may need to subscribe region specific airline newsletters by searching them on local domain of search engine.

Subscribe for Airline Newsletters

Lastly, I would also recommend Gmail users to configure email filters by moving newsletters into separate folder, it would be helpful in reading mail containing offers of deal.

Don’t Be Inflexible About The Times Of Flight

It is one of the best practices to book scheduled flight before 4 to 10 weeks. In this way, you can get a significantly cheap ticket. Mostly airlines have busy and crowded schedule on weekends, so you could also get economical rates on the weekdays of Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Generally, night or morning flights are also cheap, so you may avail them, if accessible.

Flexibility on Flight Times help reduce airfare costs

You may also find comparatively inexpensive seats in long layovers flights, if you aren’t running out of time. Another money saver tip , book tickets off-season or period when they are in low demand. Likewise, if you want to go Iceland, travelling in winter season will cost you less, similarly if you intend to travel Mexico, summer will be cheap to travel.

Be Flexible About Departure Location

Flexibility in requirements increases the number of available options. Find cheap departure locations that are easily accessible, you can find about these locations through Google flights, Kayak and other flight search engines. You can view the price map of airports departure points against desired destination.

Flexibility in alteration of departure airport not only makes you find cheap tickets, it also sources an exciting experience to visit and depart from new area.

departure Location Flexibility to reduce airfare tickets

Take The Deals In January & February:

As per my experience, January and February are ideal months for smart flight deals. I am not saying that just you should travel in these months, you may get reservation of flights scheduled in near months against significantly less amounts. The clear example that can be quoted to provide evidence to claim, you can easily get flight reservation to Europe or Africa in $500 heading from United States during the month of January & February.

Airline Ticket Deals to reduce airfare

The possible reason that I understood for low pricing on flights during these months is the less engagement of people after holiday spending. So in order to boost the sales of tickets, airlines reduce the fares. If you also face down financial situations in January, then my advice to you is to hold necessary amount of cash to book vacation flights on economical rates.

Consider Near Options For Departure Too

If airports and flight reservation points are easily accessible to you, then check fares of domestic airport as well as other near airport flights. You might get cheap flight from other airport to destination, where you can take bus or other conveyances for destination, in that way you can significantly save travel expenditures.

Here I must tell you one of my personal experiences that many times I saved money by taking bus from Boston to New York instead of flight, because it only costs me $10 that is worth saving. You may need to look for such opportunity, as it requires mapping of accurate scheduling through valid information in your case.

Near Airports for Departure to save and reduce airfare

Look For Budget Airlines

You may also consider referring to reservation websites of prominent airlines, where you only need to find the schedule of budget airlines to your destination. The fares of these flights are significantly cheap that you can avail China Southern Airlines charging only $307 for Los Angeles to Thailand flight, WOW Airlines charges only $193 for Washington DC to Copenhagen flight and Spirit Airlines charges only $67 for Florida to Colombia flight.

Aren’t they handsome deals? These are just examples to show differences in fares during normal operations. Most of time you can’t see fares of budget carriers in flight inquiry Meta-Search engines, fares of these budget flights are only available on respective website of airline. In order to trace local budget airlines, you could also use Wikipedia.

Usually budget airlines operate on small scale, so you may find their various services expensive that are free in major airlines like credit card payments, bags check, boarding pass printing, lunch, legroom and other facilities. Further details of services offered by budget airlines can be obtained from respective website.

Keep in mind that tickets of these flights is unchangeable, nonrefundable, and small airports are their destination that may be off located from main city, so you should be aware about such situations.

Hide Your Location While You Book Flight

Nowadays big airlines have innovated online booking systems, so they prefer to charge fares on the basis of countries and locations for sake of profits. Due to such reason, reservation from domestic location could make you buy cheaper tickets as compared to external location.

You can escape through their trap by camouflaging your location with VPN (Virtual Private Network), it conceals the external IP and replaces it with local IP of airline website.

Hide Your Location When you book flights

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