The Top Cities in Australia

August 3, 2011
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Australia is called the Land Down Under filled with wonder and surprise. While much of this island continent is sparsely populated, many of the cities of the country have become urban centers not only for commerce and finance, but also cultural as well as historical centers of the country.

Sydney. This Australia’s largest and most populated city in the country. Located on the southeastern coast of the state of New South Wales, it is also the state’s capital city. This is also the acknowledged cosmopolitan hub of the country with inhabitants from all over the world working and living in the city’s financial and services sector. Among the famed sites of the city are the iconic Sydney Opera House and the monumental Sydney Harbor Bridge. Sydney is also multi-awarded, being acknowledged as the seventh most innovative city in the world and consistently among the top ten most livable cities in the world.

 Canberra. This is the capital city of Australia located on the northern end of the Australian Capital Territory. The city became the capital after conflict arose between Sydney and Melbourne for the country’s capitalship.

Currently, this planned city has become the center of the federal government, where the Parliament House, the High Court of Australia and other government offices are located. The long bustling boulevards have become the hallmark of the city with many of the country’s public servants living and working within the boundaries of this Australian city.

Brisbane. This capital city of Queensland is the third most urbanized city in the country, with a population of nearly two million people. The city has become a hub of much of activity in the country’s history, such as being the Southwest Pacific Headquarters for General Douglas Macarthur during the Second World War. This has continued as it played host to the 1982 Commonwealth Games and the 2001 Goodwill Games. Currently, Brisbane is known as a gamma world city with its burgeoning economy as well being among the top 20 most livable cities in the world.

The Gold Coast.  This beachfront city is located on the southeastern end of Queensland. The city is recognized as the tourist capital of Australia because of the beautiful beaches in the area. It also boasts of a modern canal and waterway system framed by a high rise dotted skyline. Being a favorite tourist destination, the nightlife of the country is the most jumping in the country, owing to the tourists and the locals partying from sundown until sun up. One of the best-known surfing beaches in all the world is located in the Gold Coast, namely Duranbah Beach or officially known as Flagstaff Beach. Other beaches dot the 860-kilometer coastline.

As can be seen, Australia is not just about kangaroos, the Outback and the Barrier Reef. It is also home to the acclaimed best cities in the world.

So aside from getting sand between your toes, enjoy a G’day with your mates in the major urban centers of the country to fully understand the Australian way of life.

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