The Spectacular Shows And Parades At Disneyland Paris

August 22, 2011
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Disneyland Paris is famous for the diversity and wonder of its parades and shows. Always evolving and producing bigger and better shows, Disneyland Paris provides visitors with peerless spectacles that will see them return again and again. Perhaps the most famous show is the parade on Main Street, although new and exciting shows and constantly being created.

A trail of fireworks that will spark up the imagination and embody the world of the fairy tale can be seen in the dazzling Fantillusion show, which illuminates Disney from July to September. Parading along Main Street, Fantillusion is a tale of three acts, which takes the audience from reality into the dream world of Mickey Mouse, until evil is conquered and happiness is brought to the kingdom of Disneyland Paris.

The adventures of jungle man Tarzan can be experienced beneath the treetops of the Chaparral Theatre. You’ll be guided on a thrill ride of entertainment with pounding tribal beats and awe-inspiring feats of acrobatics. The jungles of Africa are brought to life, as you’ll witness Tarzan’s meeting with Jane and watch as he spends time with his gorilla ‘big sister’ Terk.

Disneyland Paris is now home to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, one of the West’s biggest attractions. You’ll be met at the gates by Mickey Mouse and his troupe of friends, who will provide you with your very own cowboy hat, before guiding you on to all the action. Sitting amongst the adventure of this high-octane festival of all things western, the show proffers you the opportunity to meet some of the stars of the west. Wowing you throughout are stunt riders who continually amaze with their unending prowess on horseback and stampedes of angry buffalos.

Everything you could ever imagine can be found on all inclusive holidays at Disneyland Paris and you’ll really feel the magic of a Disney holiday with all these sensational shows. There are plenty of cheap holiday deals available, so a stay at Disneyland Paris doesn’t have to be exorbitant. The resort’s Hotel Cheyenne provides comfort at a great price and comes highly recommended for those on a budget.

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