The Historic Land Of Saudi Arabia Must Be Viewed By The Curious Traveler

July 16, 2011
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Saudi Arabia is certainly a unique, otherworldly destination. Crucial in world events going back about a thousand years ago, the country is wealthy in history and culture. It is clearly worth checking out, and folks may want to get visas in order to journey through this Arab land.

The land was the home country of the prophet Muhammad and his religion of Islam. A large proportion of the world’s population is Muslim, and the religion currently being the second largest on earth is an effect of its having been dispersed throughout a large portion of the Eastern Hemisphere during the Middle Ages. The focal point of the faith is the sacred city of Mecca, as this is where its establishment occurred. One of the laws of the religion, in fact, decrees that Muslims must in their lifetime undertake a pilgrimage to the Grand Mosque in the metropolis. Though non-Muslims are not permitted in the holy city by law, a few travelers throughout the past hundred years have disguised themselves as Arabs and gotten access to it. Muhammad and his devotees migrated from Mecca to Medina in the 7th century and wrote the non-Meccan sections of the Koran there, rendering it the second holiest city in the faith. The three earliest mosques on the globe, one containing Muhammad’s grave, are in this city. Those of other faiths are also not granted access to Medina.

The governmental center of Riyadh and the shipping towns of Jeddah and Dammam are not closed off to tourists, however. The latter two cities have many beautiful beaches, the former two have beautiful old structures, and all of them are full of fine delicacies and fascinating museums.

The international economy quite definitely includes Saudi Arabia, because the country is full of oil. All developed nations, needless to say, are dependent on oil, and it is therefore the country’s chief export. Fortunes produced in oil are typical of many well-known Saudi businessmen, although a number of others have acquired their wealth in other industries.

Saudi Arabia is a hotbed of tradition, as well. Sunni conventions, which the ruling monarchy subscribes to, mandate that visual artists not create any human representations. As a result, many attractive geometric patterns, floral motifs, and works of calligraphic writing are frequently produced. In music, different traditional string and percussion instruments are frequently played, and one particular form of dance called ‘ardah,, presenting men in lines with swords or rifles, depends upon drums and tambourines for its backbeat. As in the rest of the Middle East, soccer is extremely prominent, and the traditional camel racing has quite a following itself.

Much more than just desert, this land is visually enthralling and serves up many creature comforts. For anyone who has even a slight interest in other civilizations and worldly things, obtaining a visa Saudi Arabia and traveling there will be quite worth it.

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