Taxi Venice – The Safest Way To Travel

July 21, 2011
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Calling for a taxi Venice is the most secure way to travel particularly at nighttime.  In less developed locations, you need to be cautious and look for the official taxi markings, the company that the taxi works for, and the licensing documents. In case you’re not certain which taxi service companies are reputable, request information at the hotel front desk, information desk, shop cashier, restaurant personnel, or even staff. When you do not feel confident that the taxi cab offering you a ride is legit, go with your instinct and give it a pass.

Nearly all legitimate cabs will have two-way radios and meters installed.  Locate these things before you get inside.  Each and every Venice taxi ought to have a two-way radio in order to coordinate activities with a dispatcher.  If it doesn’t, look for another cab.  In case you can’t find a metered taxi, be sure to negotiate the charge upfront with whatever non-metered cabs you do hail.  If you are a foreign traveler, you will not have a great deal of bargaining power if you are not intimately familiar with your surroundings.  In case the taxi driver claims the journey will cost $5, you can try and bargain for less, but just to be sure, you should be prepared to pay $5.  If possible, make sure you have small bills.  Taxi operators will not constantly be able or willing to break large notes, and there’s almost no possibility of him or her letting you get away with a free ride.

It is strongly recommended that you travel with a companion.  This is especially true if you are a woman.  Once again, swindlers take advantage of individuals whom they perceive to be vulnerable.  You might be a confident, liberated, independent individual, but in the end, you want your tourism experience to be as hassle-free as possible.  There is safety in numbers, so traveling with a companion reduces your risks and makes it much less likely that you will ever encounter any problem.

It’s a great idea to take note of the driver’s license number and plate number and text them to somebody as an extra safety measure.  If you have a camera phone you can also take a snapshot of the car.  Always be seated in the back of the car and hold your cell phone in your hand so it’s easily accessible.

Using a bus or a taxi Venice is a necessity when on a holiday, particularly if you travel on your own and the vacation package does not have a tour. The national income of a lot of countries depends heavily on tourists spending on a variety of locally made goods and services, for that reason, a tourist is considered as a valuable source of income. As a result, it would not come as a surprise the fact that, local people, will go to any length, in order to entice tourists to buy whatever they may sell. It isn’t an uncommon situation, even in economically developed and wealthy countries, for locals engaged in many professions, to try to exploit or even “rob” any unsuspecting victims visiting those countries.


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