Delhi – The Value of Spa Culture in Hotels

Jonah Andersson October 3, 2012
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Delhi – The Value of Spa Culture in Hotels

spa culture in hotelsA peek into Delhi is enough to understand the rate at, which Delhi is growing. What was once completely traditional in its outlook is now a cosmopolitan town. The nation’s capital is all set to win and keep people in various ways. As the tourism industry is rising so also is the businesses entering Delhi. In a way Delhi is becoming a shelter for tourists and businesses. All this together has led to rise in hotel industry by leaps and bounds. What was once a dying industry has revived in a manner, which people are just not able to imagine.

Hotel industry if, anyone has noticed has not only grown but also has evolved. What was once just a normal service industry has now become customer service industry. In the hotel industry, the customer is the king and whatever he wants to become the hotel’s need and deed. You will observe the changes are all as per the demand of the customer and whatever keeps him happy so now a Delhi hotel would have a discotheque because the customer wants entertainment; it would have a bar to attract its tourists who wish to have a drink while talking. So, every change, every evolution is because the customer asked for it.

On one side the hotel industry was growing, while on the other hand, spa culture was evolving. A culture that has been adapted from the west, spa is an in thing for India now. The latest trend, a must experience sort of thing for most places across India. This culture has now been adapted in Delhi hotels and resorts to establish themselves and get some footfalls during off season as well. Delhi being the popular destination in recent times for most tourists and business people alike, it has received the spa culture with pomp and joy. The spa culture is slowly becoming an inherent part of most hotels located in Delhi. So, high end to medium end hotels are all indulging in spa culture and getting some USP in this to establish and get good customers for the year.

What exactly is the unique selling point of the Spa? Spa is basically to relieve yourself from stress. It is the best way to relax and unwind at the end of the day. A good massage at the spa or sauna or Jacuzzi whichever suits you would do you what a good sleep cannot do at times. If you wish to pamper yourself or distress or maybe just remove your jet lag, then the spa is the key to all of this. There are various kinds of spa ranging from a foot spa to a whole body spa to a special oil spa to something else depending on the location.

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You have the Japanese Spa, Chinese Spa and Thai Spa varieties also available to choose from. Some spas even offer chocolate massage, full fruit massage or olive massage. There are various packs from which you have to choose and every pack has a different price range. You can also avail some customized packs and enjoy the beautiful spa treatment. Apart from refreshing you it also kind of refreshes your skin and makes you look good. A spa sometimes acts as an equivalent to meditation or yoga. Meditation or yoga takes you to a different plane altogether and makes you feel lighter in the head. Similarly, a spa treatment also does it to you and makes your entire body so light that you can start working in a better way after this.

These packs are included as a honeymoon special pack for the honeymooners. It gives them a kind of good feeling and is included as a special gift at times. This is basically promotional and to increase footfalls at the hotel. Even for some particular season, festival spa is offered along with the hotel deal so that people become aware that the hotel offers such services. Some hotels have offer it complimentary, terms and conditions apply while at some these services are paid. So, next time you make a trip to Delhi do make sure you go spend some time at the spa and refresh yourself.


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