Roadside Attractions for Your Summer Road Trip

Jonah Andersson May 10, 2012
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Roadside Attractions for Your Summer Road Trip

When you’re driving along the highway or even on an unpopulated road during vacation, you tend to see many road side offerings. Often times, it is someone trying to sell items to those passing by, maybe from the back of a pickup truck or a small stand they’ve built.


Truthfully, you can receive many bargains when buying from these road side stands which every driver will see at least once in their life.

Produce Stands:

Produce stands are one of the most common road side offerings. Whether it is on a main highway, or on the side of a road in a small town, you can pretty much find them anywhere.

These produce stands usually sell the fruits and vegetables that are in season and often times, you can buy their produce items for a cheaper price than you would at the grocery store or a normal produce store.

Most produce stands sell products that they have grown themselves or get them from a farm so that they are fresh. There are no preservatives or harmful chemicals used to grow them or keep them fresh, so these road side stands are best to buy from if you like to cook with fruits and vegetables a lot, or if you prefer organic foods.

Carpet & Blanket Sales:

Mainly on the weekends, you will see people selling carpets and blankets at the corner of popular intersections. This road side offering is great for those who are trying to furnish their home or for people that just need a new carpet or blanket to use within their household.

Often times, they will have special deals on their items. They may have a sale going on that are buy one, get one half off or possibly even buy one, get one free. The items that they sell are usually a significant amount cheaper than the carpets or blanket sold in department stores.

These stands have a variety of themed carpets such as, animals, a playboy bunny, different prints, and geometric designs. The best time to look for these stands are on the weekend because it is very rare to find them out on display during the week due to the fact that most people are at work, so they don’t receive as much business.

Newspaper Sales:

Newspaper sales are also another road side offering, however they are usually only out on Sundays because the Sunday paper is usually the most popular paper of the week. This is very convenient for those of us who do not receive paper delivery or for people who like to read a different Sunday paper than the one they already receive at home.

This is also convenient for people that have the hobby of couponing because the paper that those people receive only has one set of advertisements and coupon books in them. Therefore, if they wish to have more of those coupons, they can go buy another paper from the road side that has more of the coupons they wish to use.

Road Side Attractions:

There are several other road side offerings and attractions such as boiled peanuts stands and cheap car washes that are being run by students to raise funds for a school event or school supplies.

There are also road side attractions that are fun for individuals, couples, or families. In the south there are areas that have alligator farms, monkey farms, horse farms, and other fun attractions that anyone can enjoy.

So, next time you and your family are on vacation, stop at these road side offerings. You can find great bargains on souvenirs and you never know what fun stuff you may find.

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