Travelling By Car: Drive Your Way to Fun

Jonah Andersson May 28, 2012
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Drive Your Way to Fun


Road Trip

Drive Your Way to Fun

In today’s economy, many people are foregoing the family vacation because it’s simply not within their budget to purchase multiple airline tickets. If you are thinking of giving up the annual family holiday, why not consider driving instead of flying? Driving to your destination offers many benefits that you’ll never receive while flying. Here are five great reasons to drive this summer.

Bonding Time

There’s no better way to bond as a family than on a road trip. From playing silly games to singing corny songs, a road trip offers a variety of opportunities to have fun and enjoy each other in a way that your daily lives don’t often allow. Try to use your time in the car constructively! Instead of blasting the radio and drowning each other out, turn the radio off and have an actual conversation. You may be surprised at what you can learn about each other when there are no distractions.

Faster Traveling

People don’t often stop to consider that traveling by car can often be faster than traveling by plane. Take into account the amount of time you will spend driving to the airport, waiting to board your plane and waiting to deplane. You may find that it’s actually faster to get in the car and drive to your destination, especially if you’re traveling a relatively short distance.

No Baggage Check

Did you know that many airlines are charging a fee to check in even a single bag? If you’ll be traveling with multiple suitcases, it may be more convenient for you to drive. Consider the time you will save by not having to wait in line to check your baggage, and consider the extra money you’ll have in your pocket once you’ve reached your destination!

You Can Take the Pets

Most people who fly board their pets in a kennel for the duration of their trip. Driving allows you to take every member of your family along for the ride, including those with four legs. More hotels are allowing pets every day, making it convenient to bring them along instead of leaving them behind. Your pets are members of your family; why shouldn’t they be able to enjoy a vacation with you?

See More of the Country

Any fan of road trips knows that the best way to see the country is through the car window. There’s no doubt that looking down at the earth from the sky is an experience to be had, but actually seeing our beautiful nation is another thing altogether. If you plan your route carefully, you’ll be able to drive past dozens of things that you’ve never had a chance to see before.

Don’t give up the family vacation this year because you think it’s out of your budget. Gas may be expensive, but filling the tank is cheaper than buying a plane ticket! If you do choose to drive, do it safely. Update your GPS before you leave so that you’re always sure of where you are, and pull over or stop for the night if you get tired.

Driving to your destination will give you time to bond as a family, eliminate the hassles associated with air travel and even allow you to take your pets along. If you’re planning a family vacation this year, consider driving to your destination. You may be surprised at how much fun you have!


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