5 Reasons Why Norway is the Best Place to Learn to Ski

Jonah Andersson August 12, 2013
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Ski Norway

5 Reasons Why Norway is the Best Place to Learn to Ski

Ski Norway

Norway probably isn’t best known for skiing, well outside of Scandinavia. But as a country they are fanatical about it. In fact it is one of Europe’s top spenders when it comes to ski products. Yet most people overlook it. They will instantly just head to the Alps for their first ski holiday. For them it is the obvious choice but it isn’t necessarily the wisest choice. Norway is!

So here are 5 reasons why Norway is great for beginners:


Empty Slopes

Have you ever seen Bambi? If you have you will know the scene where Bambi is on ice and falling over. Well, when you start skiing it looks very similar. Glamour, sophistication and class become an afterthought to just standing up. In that case you don’t want to be falling over in front of crowds and crowds of people. Just for the sake of your dignity. Then after a few days of struggling and once you’ve found some snow legs it becomes reassuring to know that the slopes are empty and waiting. As you explore the slopes you will have moments where you are not quite in control. At this point the fewer around the better. Would you want to cut up anyone’s run would you?


No Language Barrier

Norwegians speak brilliant English. In fact many of them speak better English than the English. Being a beginner you will need an instructor and one that is fluent in your Native tongue. Not every country/resort can offer this. Usually resorts hire a few but that may change. Actually France is trying to introduce a law banning British Ski hosts. A similar law wouldn’t impact Norway at all.

no Language Barrier Norway

Relaxed Atmosphere

Scandinavians are the most chilled people on the planet (That’s right Jamaica you have been pipped). They are as chilled as the air they breathe. Their Zen like state of calm really works wonders when the unbridled rage of another wipe-out wells up inside of you. Instructors who are patient and relaxed really add to the experience. So much so they can be the difference between only going once and becoming a regular.

Ski Norway Nature


Easy Terrain

Certain resorts claim they cater for beginners. Then the beginner arrives and sees the run in front of them and breaks into a cold sweat. The bunny runs have shoots and gulley’s that intermediates would find challenging. Not Norway. What is its biggest criticism is actually a positive for beginners. It doesn’t have many verticals, limited alpine resorts and generally quite docile runs. Perfect for taking those first steps in the world of skiing.

Hemsedal, Norway

Cross Country Skiing is free of charge.

If downhill isn’t working out for you. And the will to keep trying has been sucked out by tumble after tumble. Then there is always cross country skiing. In almost every other destination it is seen as the cowards’ way out. Not in Norway. It’s the sport of their heroes. With most of the resorts offering fee cross country skiing there the added benefit of not having to shell out for it.


Hemsedal lodge
Hemsedal Lodge, Norway

So there are some of the reasons to learn to ski in the land of the midnight sun. There are other reasons to visit. The small quaint rustic lodges, the scenic valleys and the chance to tackle floodlit runs are just a few.  They all added to the visiting Hemsedal with Crystal Ski but the main thing that stood out overall was how perfect it is for first timer. You won’t go too far wrong starting out with Norway.


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