Four Excellent Reasons to Come to Portugal

Jonah Andersson February 14, 2013
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Street of Gold in Portugal

Four Excellent Reasons to Come to Portugal

Street of Gold in Portugal
Street of Gold in Portugal
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Regular travellers who have sampled much of Europe’s many charms will know there are some countries which are ideal for certain activities, but not many of them offer a diverse experience for holiday-makers of all tastes. One which does manage to tick all the boxes, however, is Portugal, a land of many contrasts that has been welcoming visitors for many decades. If you are yet to experience a Portuguese odyssey, then it’s high time you righted this wrong. Here are four great reasons why you should.

The beaches in Portugal

Sometimes there’s no finer holiday than one which involves doing as little as possible on a beautiful sandy beach, and Portugal is home to a long coastline and many superb seaside resorts. If you’re in need of a little rest and recuperation under clear blue skies and a warm sun, you need to be making tracks to this wonderful country at the earliest possible opportunity. Favourite locations for sun worshippers include Albufeira and Lagos.

The golf in Portugal

Many of Europe’s finest golf courses are located in Portugal, especially in the Algarve region, which has become synonymous with golfing holidays in recent years. Venues such as Quinta da Lago and Vila Sol are particularly scenic, offering players a chance to take in some spectacular views as they stroll along the fairways. Even during the winter months, the weather is generally ideal for eighteen holes of fun and enjoyment.

The food in Portugal

If you’re yet to try some of the best examples of Portuguese cuisine, then you are likely to be highly impressed by the local fare. It’s not surprising that a country with such a long coastline, as well as a historic affinity with the sea, offers a great many fish dishes on any given menu, and there are several which are recommended. Perhaps the best of all is also one of the simplest, however: freshly caught sardines served in a traditional tomato sauce are absolutely divine.

The people in Portugal

Portuguese people are naturally very warm and friendly, and those who live and work in the tourist areas are rarely anything but extremely pleasant and welcoming. Perhaps because they live in such a beautiful part of the world, they seem generally very happy to be alive, and are especially proud of showing their country off to first-time visitors. They also love to hear visitors attempt a few words of the Portuguese language, so if you want to get on their good side, be sure to learn a little smattering.


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David Showell is from southern England and has enjoyed several Portugal holidays over the years.

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