Places You Must Visit in Scotland

Jonah Andersson November 22, 2013
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Visit Scotland

Places You Must Visit in Scotland

Destination Scotland offers you plenty of options to enjoy seeing, things to do and best ways to make merry while on a holiday vacation. Scotland boast of some of the lushest serene landscapes in the world, mouth-watering local dishes and best drinks, great history to learn about; top class infrastructure and hospitable locals. The adventure that is found in Scotland make you want to visit Scotland again and again. It’s definitely a place for all with the ability to impact on all who grace this beautiful land.

Visit Scotland

Here are some of the great places to visit;

A Visit to the National Museum of Scotland

This great museum offers you a one of a lifetime opportunity to discover the diversity world cultures, science and technology, art and design and Scottish history .Galleries in the museum cover all that you can imagine of from the treasures of the world, ancient ages of dinosaurs to what technology has to offer. Be sure to find objects from the sky such as meteorites to deep sea collections all with an aim of telling the beautiful nature of this world. Discover the history of Scotland and development of art and design all under one location.

Edinburgh Castle

If you wish to experience the richness of Scotland architecture visiting Edinburgh Castle will give you a taste of it. This castle is also very important to Scotland since it represents military and political importance. It is strategically built at the peak of a dormant volcano making it visible from far. It was used by the Scottish people during battles as a military base. Edinburgh castle is very symbolic to date since it a symbol of the struggle for independence.

Destination Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis is ultimately the place to be if you are a nature lover. Located deep into the uplands of Scotland, this summit offers striking mountainous views. Ben Nevis attracts everyone from hikers, onlookers and mountain climbers alike to revel the tranquility that the surrounding nature has to offer. For first time mountain climbers trekking on the zigzag path up the mountain while the steep rocky side is best for experienced mountain climbers.

Broch of Mousa

Broch Mousa prides itself for being the most prestigious and preserved brochs that are found in islands of Scotland. This extraordinary structure is a round tower that was constructed 100BC to be used as a military station. Its architecture will definitely captivate you when you find out that it was constructed just by lining stones and has a one of a kind intramural stair. Since its age of construction it still stands un-weathered.

Glenmorangie Distillery Tour

Definitely if you love whisky, probably along the way you have asked yourself how it’s made and how it attains its rich taste. Visiting Whisky distilleries in Scotland especially Glenmorangie distillery will answer all your questions. This distillery takes you through all the steps followed in making your favorites whisky drink and the next time you ask for a drink at the bar you will be happy that you have people ensuring that you never lack your whisky.

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