Pattaya City in Thailand- Perfect For A Vacation Or A New Home

August 1, 2011
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Pattaya City Thailand

Pattaya City, Thailand

Pattaya City
A Beach View of Pattaya City, Thailand

The second most visited city in Thailand is Pattaya City. It’s a self governing city that covers the whole regional government unit of Nong Prue, Na Kluea.

The population fluctuates between 300,000 and 500,000 at any given time,  and is in addition the center of the Pattay-Chonburi Metropolitan Area.

The factor for Pattaya City becoming the second most visited city in Thailand is due to its location on the Gulf of Thailand.  In the Vietnam War a group of one hundred American men fighting in the war visited this city to rest. From that point the city went from a small fishing village to a favorite beach resort and contains Asia’s biggest beach front shopping mall, welcoming more than three million tourists every year.

Pattaya City
A Beach View of Pattaya City, Thailand

Many of the inhabitants of the city consist of foreign retirees. Thai Immigration established a specific Visa for foreigners over 50 years old who arrive to retire in Thailand. This is a popular option not only because of the climate and exotic lifestyle but also the cost of living is actually a very small proportion in comparison with the living costs in Europe.

On average the climate is tropical and wet. The actual dry months are from November to February and the most rain occurs between June and October. The temperature stays constantly close to 90 degrees. An average low would be 72 degrees in December and the most rain takes place in October with an average of 9 and a half inches accumulated.

For a holiday get away there’s plenty to partake in when going to Pattaya City. Establishments for golf, go-kart racing, amusement parks, and zoos exist for visitors to explore. Another special experience would be The Vimantaitalay, which is a tourist submarine that takes vacationers underwater to see coral and marine life. In a more historical aspect there’s the The Sanctuary of Truth, Wat Khao Phra Bat Temple, and Mini Siam – which is a miniature model village – that honor the Thailand traditions. Tourists can additionally visit the Wat Yanasangwararam Woramahawihan temple where there’s a replica of Buddha’s footprints and also a collection of relics of the Lord Buddha.

People can additionally participate in the numerous festivals and activities of the city, like the Pattaya International Bed Race, an international music festival, The Chinese New Year and the Miss Tiffany Universe or the Miss International Queen election. Pattaya in addition takes part in a Gay Pride festival also.

Because of the substantial property development, retiring foreigners and visitors are sure to locate a home in Pattaya. Whether looking for a relaxing vacation or even a brand new home to experience the Thailand way of life, the cultural differences and similarities will certainly provide comfort and ease for just about any length of time spent in this rising city of Pattaya.


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