Six Proper Party Destinations in Turkey for Real Ravers

Jonah Andersson September 2, 2012
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Six Proper Party Destinations in Turkey for Real Ravers

Turkey is a country rich in heritage and culture, and increasingly draws visitors from all over the world. Along-side the classic and historical attractions are the nightlife and shopping, both world-class! For the best parties, we offer these five suggestions for party destinations in Turkey.


Right off, check out the Medusa Club and Parasol Bar – both are party places where the staff and atmosphere are great. Both offer indoor and outdoor dancing and dining, and have superb sound systems playing a mix of western and Turkish popular dance music. This Aegean Sea town is charming during the day as well.


For late-night partying, well-after dinner, this town rocks. Very popular with young adults, the town itself is friendly and warm, with a decidedly tropical atmosphere. The Roxy Bar is well-known for being friendly and fun, with a great sound system and great staff. Also in Bodrum are the Casa del Sol and the Halikarnas – highly recommended.


Kusadasi is both a party town, and a centre of Turkey’s amazing past. Narrow streets often hide amazing bars and clubs, and the beach areas have an amazing party atmosphere, especially the Miracle & Jade dance club. Bar Street is the place to go if you are club-crawling, and you won’t be disappointed. Jimmy’s Bar is a good place to relax and try a huge range of drinks and ales.


The resort town of Marmaris is well-known for terrific party places, and all night dancing. Bar Street is great fun, starting after 10.00pm, and grows more and more wild after 1.00am. If you want a show, the Long Beach offers drag queens in full regalia. Moonlight cruises are also popular in Marmaris, and typically run from 11.00pm to 2.00am with dancing, drinking and viewing the sites.


In the southern part of Turkey, along the coast is the resort of Antalya. Hotels and clubs can be found (and heard) through the town, with happy party-goers all ’round. The hotel Doner Gazio has a terrific and popular club which incorporates a restaurant which rotates during your meal for a fabulous view. Club Ally is huge and outdoors, with laser lighting, nine bars, and amazing music system. The Club 29 is the largest in town, and overlooks the marina. Dining and club dancing are quite amazing here.


Head for the marina for the most fun in this party town. It’s easy to get around, with buses running until late. The Bistro Bellman is open-air and has many dance floors and bars, including dining. Also try the Pazaar of Alanya, with many clubs and cafes open most of the night. Be sure to go to the Absolut Bar for the best disco in town.  There are some great, cheap holidays to Turkey, perfect for relaxing at the beach and in the evenings letting your hair down.


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